Best movie audio problems of 1980

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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back picture

Audio problem: After Luke frees himself from the cave in the beginning, he stumbles towards the exit. You can hear his lightsaber go off, but it stays firmly on. Cut to him emerging, and now his lightsaber's off. (00:09:30)

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Friday the 13th picture

Audio problem: In the beginning, Claudette and the other counsellors are all singing. When they get closer you can see that Claudette is playing the guitar, then she stops, but the guitar playing and singing still continues. (00:02:10)

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The Blues Brothers picture

Audio problem: In the scene at the Palace Hotel Ballroom, when the Blues Brothers are singing their 2nd tune (Sweet Home Chicago), you can hear both Jake and Elwood on the soundtrack but Elwood is dancing down the middle aisle without even a microphone in his hand and his mouth is not moving. There is also a shot during the same song where Jake's singing and pauses do not line up with what we see visually. When he sings "baby don'cha you want to go-oh - -" we see his mouth stop moving, then when he pauses, his mouth is still singing. As a matter of fact, the entire number has mistakes like this and mistakes of continuity. (01:54:20)

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Airplane picture

Audio problem: When the girl scouts are fighting and one of them slides the other one across the table and she hits the jukebox, you hear a shattering sound, but it doesn't shatter. (00:16:25)

logan crews

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Xanadu picture

Audio problem: When Sonny arrives at work, as the Security Guards open the gates for him, we hear them chatting, but their mouths aren't open/are out of sync.

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Superman II picture

Audio problem: Before the trio crashed into the Daily Planet (just before the battle with Supes), they were heard flying outside the building. For 3 superbeings with the ability to fly unaided, they sure sound heckuva lot like jet-propelled aircrafts. Jet aircrafts are noisy because of their engines, but superpeople?

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Zombi Holocaust picture

Audio problem: When the nurse from Keto crashes out of the window - you hear the window smash. Half way through his fall - you hear the window smash again.

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Saturn 3 picture

Audio problem: When Benson is dismantling Hector and putting his brain in the container, he says 'What you can't stand, you run from,' but his lips don't match what he says. (00:48:50)


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The Fog picture

Audio problem: When the zombie guys are breaking the windows at the church, you can hear multiple pieces of glass hit the ground even though almost no pieces fall.

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Midnight Madness picture

Audio problem: When the green team is solving the first clue, Blaylak says "STARS" and the four guys congratulate him. A voice says "Blaylak, way to go" but no one on the team is actually saying it.

William Bergquist

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Private Benjamin picture

Audio problem: After the war games when they are all dancing to the radio, the song sounds way to good to be coming from a little radio like the one playing.

William Bergquist

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Battle Beyond the Stars picture

Audio problem: When the Kelvin sacrifice themselves in front of the Sonic Tank, Cowboy walks off and says, "C'mon, lets go", but his lips don't match what he says.


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Coal Miner's Daughter picture

Audio problem: When Loretta is recording her first record, you hear the snare drum being hit on the drum head but the drummer is actually doing a rim shot.

William Bergquist

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American Gigolo picture

Audio problem: In the last scene of the film, when Gere is in prison and talking to Michelle using the telephone behind glass, we hear his voice as if via a telephone. Most of the speech is done this way then for the last line he puts the telephone down on the desk, but we can still hear his voice as if he was still using it.

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Caddyshack picture

Audio problem: When Al Czervik pays the band leader to play something hot, they stop playing slow music and a disco song starts up. The disco song is obviously the original studio recording and not the clubhouse band. The female vocal accompaniments from the recording can be heard, but there were no female vocalists with the clubhouse band. (00:36:10)

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Nine to Five picture

Audio problem: When the three ladies (Violet, Judy, Doralee) are at the hospital standing at the phone booth, Violet is digging through her purse for some change to make a call and asks Judy if she has any. Their voices sound echoey, indicating the scene was possibly shot on a sound stage and Doralee's line sounds a tad choppy.

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How to Beat the High Co$t of Living picture

Audio problem: When the three (plus Jane's kids in the back of the car) are approaching Robert's store to rob it, in the last shot as they pull over nobody's lips move, the lines are dubbed over. (00:52:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Hawk the Slayer picture

Audio problem: When Ranulf is resting in bed and explaining the fate of his village to the nun there is a cut to a wide shot of the room and if you look at Ranulf you can see his mouth is not moving any more. Then, cut back to a close-up, and his mouth is now moving again. (00:08:52)

Jack Vaughan

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Below the Belt picture

Audio problem: Terrible Tommy and Rose exchange words just as their match begins but neither one's mouth opens.


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Popeye picture

Audio problem: At the illegal fight, as Castor and Oxheart get ready to fight, Oxheart's mom says "Don't kill him. Just rough him up a bit." you hear the lines, but her mouth isn't moving.

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