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Shoplifting - S2-E6

Question: Jo, Blair, Natalie and Tootie look for a birthday present for Mrs. Garret. When they find a shirt for her Jo decides to try it on. When she comes out of the dressing room, to show it off, why did a security guard immediately walk up to them?

Answer: The dramatic reason is to move the plot along. But in real life, store workers can be suspicious of groups of teens because of the perceived higher risk of shoplifting. So the security guard may have seen them go into the changing room and decided to see what they were up to.

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Double Sting - S1-E13

Question: In this episode, Jessie, ticked off that he had to pay the boy's bail, says that the mortgage payment has to be made to Jason Higgins. I thought that J.D. Hogg held the mortgage to the Duke farm. Has my memory got a hole in it?

Answer: Hogg didn't own the farm and hold the mortgage until that episode. He says that he "bought aII Jason's hoIdings Iast week", but the Dukes didn't know about it and thought they still had to pay Higgins.

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