Best family movie mistakes of 1979

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The Muppet Movie picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when Kermit confronts Doc Hopper he comes walking out of the bar. If you look at the top of Kermit's legs when he walks out, two pair of hands can be seen moving the legs.

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Breaking Away picture

Continuity mistake: There is an error in the scene where Dave is drafting behind the Cinzano truck. In the second close up shot of his legs (cranks) pedaling the bike he is in a lower (easier) gear than the previous shot even though he is supposed to be riding significantly faster.

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The Black Stallion picture

Continuity mistake: The Black Stallion was played by a horse with white markings; it's occasionally possible to see them under the black dye, especially during the desert scenes.

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The Black Hole picture

Factual error: In the PALOMINO scenes, Anthony Perkins wears a long lab coat. In most of the scenes, it hangs straight down; but in the low gravity aboard the ship it should be flattering about (that's why such loose garments are not worn by real-life cosmonauts; they would be a hindrance).

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Jesus picture

Continuity mistake: Go to the scene where the crowd is going to Golgaltha, along with the soldiers and Jesus. After they have taken off Jesus' clothes, and have tied him to the cross, they show a close-up of one of Jesus' hands, with a nail on-top, held by a soldier. Look closely - it's his left hand. Then the camera zooms out, and you can see the whole body of Jesus, and the soldier drives the nail into his right hand. Look at his left, and no nail is in it.

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Spirit of the Wind picture

Factual error: In 1947, when George is 14 years old his father takes him to the clinic for a physical examination. This is about 18 minutes into the movie. The nurse measures his blood pressure using a cuff that is held on with a "Velcro" hook-and-loop fastener. Velcro wasn't marketed until the early 1960's. [A new DVD was released in 2014. The sound track in this scene was edited and we can no longer hear the sound of the Velcro being unwrapped.]

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Unidentified Flying Oddball picture

Revealing mistake: Just before the battle between King Arthur's men and Sir Mordred's men, Trimble Tom escapes from Sir Mordred's encampment in a rocket-powered chair. As he approaches King Arthur's Castle you can see the wires supporting the chair. (01:15:45)

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Fright Before Christmas picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny is reading from the Christmas stories book to Clyde, you can see Clyde is sitting by the fireplace and there is a long red stocking on the right hand side of it. After a quick cut to Bugs reading, we return to Clyde and the long red stocking has disappeared.

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Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol picture

Continuity mistake: Before going to bed, Scrooge takes off his slippers and puts them by the side of his bed. But when he is disturbed by the singers, the slippers and the pillows he is resting his head on have disappeared.

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