Best comedy movie visible crew/equipment of 1979

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The Muppet Movie picture The Muppet Movie mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when Kermit confronts Doc Hopper he comes walking out of the bar. If you look at the top of Kermit's legs when he walks out, two pair of hands can be seen moving the legs.

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Monty Python's Life of Brian picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the last scene while Brian and the others are singing you can see a tourist walking in the background. (01:30:30)

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The Jerk picture

Visible crew/equipment: Carnival biker chick goes through a flaming hoop and falls down after going though it. Just before she goes, you can see a rope tied to her to pull her off the bike after she passes through the flames. (00:33:30)

Larry Koehn

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Manhattan picture

Visible crew/equipment: If you look closely, you can see the camera and crew reflected in the cars passing while the camera follows Isaac running down the street.

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The Villain picture

Visible crew/equipment: In a scene where Kirk Douglas appears to 'leap' onto his horse, a crew members arm is clearly visible in the foot of the shot pushing a mini trampoline next to the horse, ready for Kirk to jump onto and bounce up onto the saddle.

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1941 picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Wild Bill crash lands his P-40 Tomahawk in the street, then dazedly tries to "bail out", watch his parachute. A nearby explosion is supposed to catch the parachute and pull him backwards, but the 'chute doesn't react to the explosion. Instead, a line attached to the end of it pulls Wild Bill backwards.

Mark Bernhard

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10 (1979)

10 picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the film George is backing his Rolls Royce up at Hugh's place, as he's doing that the film crew's reflection can be seen on the car. (00:08:00)

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More American Graffiti picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Toad's helicopter crashes, and after the napalm bomb the survivors frantically radio in for a helicopter to land and lift them out. During this radio message, the cameraman's hand and the sound boom are visible at the edge of shot. (01:15:40)

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The In-Laws picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the shoot-out at the taxi in New York City, in the center of the background you can see a crew member in a brown coat nonchalantly holding back people on the sidewalk.

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