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Question: Why does everyone put up with JR? Why not throw him off the ranch and out of the company?


Answer: In real life, that might happen, but this is a fictional TV show that revolves around the characters and the dynamic interaction between them. Getting rid of JR, a main character that much of the story line revolves around, would make the show far less interesting, less melodramatic, and less intriguing. It's just an entertaining, over-the-top exaggerated soap opera.

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Wherefore Art Thou, Bobby? - S2-E5

Question: What does scenery chewing mean?

Answer: It is another term for bad acting. Over-emoting, hamming it up...

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Question: In this version of the character, why is he named David Banner instead of Bruce Banner?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Bruce has always been the character's middle name. In the comics he is Robert Bruce Banner, here he is David Bruce Banner. Apparently the executives behind the show preferred the name David.

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