Best mystery movie trivia of 1978

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Halloween pictureHalloween mistake picture

Trivia: Michael Myers' mask is a Captain Kirk mask painted white with ruffled hair and a few other tweaks.

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Death on the Nile picture

Trivia: The cast were told they could not have their own dressing rooms so Angela Lansbury, Maggie Smith and Bette Davis all shared a room.

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The Cheap Detective picture

Trivia: Though Phil Silvers is shown prominently in the credits, he has only about 2-3 seconds of screen time at the end of the movie. Silvers suffered a stroke in the early 70's; "The Cheap Detective" was made in 1978. His speech had become slurred and likely affected his performance abilities.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers picture

Trivia: In the opening title sequence we see a garbage truck going through the Golden Gate Bridge toll booth. We would find out later that these trucks were used to transport the pods. The truck is traveling southbound from Marin County into San Francisco which is appropriate, (intentional or not) since the book Body Snatcher was set in Mill Valley, in Marin County, about 10 miles from the bridge.

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The Thirty Nine Steps picture

Trivia: When Richard Hannay is hanging on the minute hand and you get shots of the clock gears bouncing about, they appear to be car gearbox internals. There is definitely an BMC A-series differential in there.

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