Best movie audio problems of 1978

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Grease picture

Audio problem: During "We Go Together" at the end, John Travolta's mouth is not in sync with the words "we'll always be like one." He appears to start singing "that's the way it should be" before realizing and correcting his mistake.

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Superman picture

Audio problem: In the plane, when the Captain says "I'm not too god, what do you think" his lips aren't moving.

Sacha Premium member

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Jaws 2 picture

Audio problem: When the helicopter lands and the teenagers cheer you can hear dialogue from later in the film in the background. Several times you hear "Sean, catch the rope." which they yell later in the movie.

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Thank God It's Friday picture

Audio problem: Near the end of the film, when the Commodores finally go on stage with their equipment, Bobby Speed announces them from inside the control booth. But the movement of his mouth does not match the audio (you have to look at his reflection in the glass wall).


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Hooper picture

Audio problem: Right after Hooper says "Bye bye, nice officer." and activates the rocket system, the cop driving beside them screams "Great God almighty.". Watch the cop's rear view mirror when he yells that - it's a completely different person in the mirror and his mouth doesn't move at all, much less yell "Great God almighty." But when he calls "Headquarters. never mind", on the radio, the original cop is shown again.

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Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke picture

Audio problem: When Cheech and Chong are being questioned by the officer at the border, the officer says "you got any narcotics, any marijuana in here?". His lips continue moving but we can't hear him. (00:45:45)


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Foul Play picture

Audio problem: The scene in Dudley Moore's apartment was longer than the song, "Stayin' Alive" that is playing on his stereo so the song is substantially longer by looping and replaying portions of the song. (00:30:20 - 00:36:00)

William Bergquist

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Halloween picture

Audio problem: While Lynda is filing her nails just as Michael enters the scene wearing a sheet and glasses, the sound of her filing continues despite her pausing.

Erik M.

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Animal House picture

Audio problem: At the bar after the tall black man asks to dance with the boys' dates, he lifts the booth table up off the floor. There's a sound like it's being forcibly ripped out of the floor, yet the table has a round bottom with no visible bolts or screws. While it may have been heavy, it wasn't secured to the floor.

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The Driver picture

Audio problem: During the underground car park scene Glasses is heard yelling and cursing at The Driver to stop several times, yet whenever the camera is on him while speaking, his lips don't move.

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Death on the Nile picture

Audio problem: During the dinner scene when Poirot finds an eel in his plate, the quartet plays a song in perfect classical music, but they are using instruments typical of the local folklore. A rebec does not sound like a violin. (01:42:55)

Sammo Premium member

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