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Question: Who's decided to make Chrissy stupid? Watch an early episode like "Roper's Niece" then a later one like "Jack's Pie", So who decided to make her stupid? Some network executive?


Answer: It's also likely a case of "Flanderization", where as the show progresses, the writers zero in on a single aspect of a character that they get the most material out of, and think is the funniest, and expand it at the expense of realism or development, to the point where it is the character's entire personality.

Answer: It was likely a group of male executives who decided the show's format. The sexy, ditzy/dumb blonde was an over-used and cliched trope in an era when women were blatantly objectified.

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Look After Annie - S1-E12

Question: Is Annie's white dress in the last attack scenes the same as Princess Leia's in Star Wars? It looks very similar.

Answer: It's similar, but not the same, particularly the neck and sleeves are quite different.

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