Best thriller movie revealing mistakes of 1977

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The Spy Who Loved Me picture

Revealing mistake: The shot of the two nuclear missiles being launched is used twice, just reversed. They seem to have changed the saturation slightly in one of them to make it look different, but there are identical clouds at the top left/top right in both shots, ruining the trick.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Capricorn One picture

Revealing mistake: Just after the helicopters crash during the chase with the crop duster keep a close eye and one of the helos is still in the shots flying.

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High Anxiety picture

Revealing mistake: While Dr. Wentworth is driving his car trying to shut off the loud music on the radio, the dashboard shows that the car's gearshift indicator is not in "D" for "Drive."

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Rollercoaster picture

Revealing mistake: During the first rollercoaster accident, the bodies in the cars are obviously dummies. (00:13:35)

William Bergquist
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Orca picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Orca is about to hit the great white shark out of the water the stick that holds the "head" of the great white is visible as it swims by.

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The Gauntlet picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning when Shockley pulls up and the Jack Daniels falls out you see it hit a wet mark from the previous take.

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The Deep picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning, when Gail is attacked by a moray eel - we don't see it, but that's the assumption - and she is banged against the sunken wreck of a ship, and then, when she is released, her mouthpiece is not in her mouth and she tries to swim to the top as fast as she can - all of this is done by a stunt double, understandably, we can see this by her hair, which is much thinner and straighter than Jacqueline Bissett's hair.

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