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Black Sunday picture

Factual error: After loading the bomb, Dern and Keller hijack the blimp. As Shaw watches the blimp heading for the stadium, he spots a helicopter across the field, moving bundles of pipe. Shaw and Weaver commandeer the chopper to chase down the blimp. A major part of the security plan for the Superbowl, was that the only aircraft "trusted" to be allowed to fly within a 100 miles of the stadium are the Goodyear blimp and the Police helicopter. The other helicopter would not have been allowed to fly that day.


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Confessions from a Holiday Camp picture

Continuity mistake: After Blackbird has been hit in the face by the custard pie, when she walks toward Tim the amount of pie on her face changes between shots.

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Yellow Emanuelle picture

Continuity mistake: Introduction of Ilona Staller; Dr. Wong leaves saying "Nice to meet you." Next shot and Ilona Staller's right hand which was out of frame is now abruptly on her chest. (00:06:15)

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The Hobbit picture

Other mistake: When Bilbo is looking at Thror's Map, he says "This hand points from these runes," but there are no runes visible where the hand is. Later, Elrond reads the Moon Letters that appear there, and says that they say, "Stand by the grey stone when the Thrush knocks, and the last light of the setting sun will shine upon the keyhole." But the Moon Letters actually translate to "Five feet high the door and three may walk abreast."

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Are You Being Served? The Movie picture

Other mistake: When Mrs Slocombe is having her passport picture taken the images taken are not directly in front of them where the actual photo camera is, rather they are taken from the camera filming off to the side.

luke f

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Yakuza senso: Nihon no Don picture

Continuity mistake: After the Abebo murders, tempers run high at the meeting of the clan. The sinister Sakoda accuses the one raising objections to be a wimp, and the guy slams his fists on the table. The president of the meeting says "stop it"; Sonny Chiba is leaning forward with both hands, but in the next shot he has one hand in front and one in the back. (00:20:00)

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Kentucky Fried Movie picture

Continuity mistake: During the theatre scene, the usher puts a knife to the man's throat, in the next scene however, the man's head has now moved to the right and there was not enough time between shots for this to have occurred.


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Voodoo Passion picture Voodoo Passion mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Inès the Housekeeper is on the boardwalk looking at the ship and the various passengers that disembark. She waves at Mrs. Susan House when she sees her, and walks up to her, meeting there amongst the passengers who just got off the ship...the same dudes (a man with a striped T-shirt, a guy with an open shirt with white pants, one denim-clad guy with a bag) who were lazing around not too far from her when she was on the promenade. (00:04:30)

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Sweeney picture

Continuity mistake: When Regan and Bianca first jump on the bus to escape the hitmen you can see through the windows that there are only six people on the lower deck, but when the scene changes to inside the bus all the seats are full. (01:00:24)

eric 64

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The Purple Taxi picture The Purple Taxi mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Philippe Noiret is sitting in his chair, drily commenting on the display previously offered by Charlotte Rampling when she was bare-breasted. During the scene, the position of his glasses as he suckles on them changes frequently, and at one point the arms go from folded 90° to less angled/straight as the view changes.

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Kingdom of the Spiders picture

Continuity mistake: When they walk up to the spider hill to burn it, the rancher sticks a pitchfork in the ground straight up and starts pouring gas on the hill. The next scene shows a spider crawling into a hole. When it goes back to showing the rancher pouring gas, the pitchfork is now at an angle.


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Other mistake: Guido Mauri spots the police from the window. He tells his accomplice to go while he'll draw the guards' attention. Thing is, Marco is leaving through the same door they came from, and the police is already there. Yet he manages to slip unnoticed. Moreover, he leaves to Guido's right, but in the reverse shot you can see someone's head pop in frame on Guido's left for a moment. (00:04:10)

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Candleshoe picture

Continuity mistake: Jodie Foster runs outside to confront the crook who stole the tax money, and it's daylight. In the span of a few seconds, when she gets to the end of the driveway, it's suddenly dark. (01:15:18)


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Charleston picture

Plot hole: The whole premise of the movie hinges on the fact that someone is going to try to buy the ship off James Coco for 3 millions, to try and sell it for 5 to Morris, who put a false ad on the newspaper but he's gonna hightail after. First; it's unclear how whoever checks out of the ad with the 5 million offer is going to be aware that Joe Lo Monaco has a ship for sale for 3 mil; he did not put an ad out himself, and who checks out of the morning paper looking for multimillionaire bargains on ocean liners? It's something entirely out of their league for the gang of small crooks shown in the movie and that Charleston ends up helping. Even more absurd is the fact that Morris plans to disappear after the 'sting', but he is running it with his own real name and in London, where he works as a high profile lawyer. Not the kind of person who can and would just 'disappear' into thin air, especially when the sting could have been done in any other part of the world.

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Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure picture

Continuity mistake: When Raggedy Ann is helping get the captain out of his snow globe, we see that the ship is small. However, when he finally breaks free, the ship has grown bigger.

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The Invincible Armour picture

Revealing mistake: During the demonstration of the Iron Claw technique in the opening credits, the master grips two bamboos; as he does it, you can see they are already cut before he applies the technique that supposedly splits them. (00:03:55)

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