Best TV revealing mistakes of 1976

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Ripping Yarns picture

Whinfrey's Last Case - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: The opening scene was shot twice, complete with a rear-end automobile collision in the foreground for both takes. The initial collision destroyed the taillights of the first car and the headlights of the second car and ruptured the second car's radiator on impact, spilling its contents into the street. The production crew attempted to sweep away the debris with a broom before the scene was reshot. If you examine the roadway before the two cars appear in this scene, you will see a prominent splatter on the pavement that has been swept with a broom almost precisely where the cars impact again moments later.

Charles Austin Miller

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The New Avengers picture The New Avengers mistake picture

Obsession - S2-E5

Revealing mistake: Our heroes arrive at an RAF base. Purdey hears a loud aircraft noise and looks up to the sky - cut to shot of a fighter jet. For a few frames after the cut, a caption that reads "The Engineer in the RAF" is just visible. It would seem they 'borrowed' some material from an RAF training film. (Indeed, a later shot of shells exploding was obviously taken from a videotaped TV programme, judging by the 'lag' effect caused by the tube camera that would've been used).

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Laverne & Shirley picture

Cruise (1) - S3-E6

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the show, Shirley is ironing Laverne's clothes and leaves the room. The iron falls on Laverne's clothes on the "L" and burns it, When she picks up the iron, the "L" is on the bottom of the iron facing the normal way when, in fact, it should have been a reverse image.

terry s

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Quincy M.E. picture

Vigil of Fear - S6-E18

Revealing mistake: In the arcade the killer talks to his helper while playing a pinball machine. He plays very agitated and strongly. But if you look closer at the below end of the playfield you see that there is no ball and the flippers aren't moving. (00:23:50 - 00:24:48)

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The Bionic Woman picture

Show generally

Revealing mistake: When the senator and his wife are trapped under the rubble, she is holding a burning candle, it looks like there are flames coming from her thumb. An obvious reflection off either the camera lens or that the candle is safely inside a glass tube so that she doesn't burn her hand.


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