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Carrie picture

Carrie: Tommy?
Tommy Ross: Yeah?
Carrie: Why?
Tommy Ross: Why what?
Carrie: Why am I here?
Tommy Ross: Because it's the prom.
Carrie: Why am I here with you?
Tommy Ross: Because I asked you.
Carrie: Why'd you ask me?
Tommy Ross: Because I wanted to.
Carrie: Why'd you want to?
Tommy Ross: Because you liked my poem. Only I didn't write it. Somebody else did.
Carrie: Oh.

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The Omen picture

Photographer: Run out of film?
Keith Jennings: Saving it for his canonization.
Photographer: How's that?
Keith Jennings: I don't know if we've got the heir to the Thorn millions here or Jesus Christ Himself.

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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane picture

Mario: Somebody's out there.

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