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Shampoo picture

Felicia: Oh god, Lester you are a miserable human being. You're not helping anybody! You're just twisting arms here for a lot of silly sons of bitches who are all out for themselves. You're kidding yourself if you think your new business partner is going to keep his hands off your girl. Or if she's going to keep her hands off him.

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Dog Day Afternoon picture

Leon: I couldn't explain why I did the things I did. So I went to this psychiatrist who explained to me I was a woman in a man's body. So Sonny right away wanted to get me money for a sex change operation: but where was he to get that? 2500 dollars! My God, he's in hock up to his ears already.

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The Ultimate Warrior picture

Melinda: That's Carrot. He's always there and always on the lie.
Carson: He seems to be a very self confident young man.

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Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze picture

Monk: Have no fear! Doc Savage is here.

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Death Race 2000 picture

Harold: Is it true that with your new mechanical arm you can shift gears in less than a twentieth of a second? Would you care to comment on that?
Frankenstein: No.
Harold: How do you feel about going into the race with a navigator you've never met?
Grace Pander: You'll love Annie. She's a red-hot sexpot.
Frankenstein: She'd better be a red-hot navigator.

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Race With the Devil picture

Gas Station Attendant: What the hell happened to your van here? Your back window is all busted up.
Frank Stewart: I don't drive too well when I'm asleep.

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Terror of Mechagodzilla picture

Katsura Mafune: Please kill me! Destroy my body! Inside me is the controller! Mechagodzilla's brain's installed in my stomach!

Charles Austin Miller

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Zorro picture

Chico: Zorro! He's alive! Zorro can never die.

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Hindenburg picture

Mrs. Channing: Sugar, next time, let's take the Titanic.

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Barry Lyndon picture

Narrator: Barry - had now arrived at the pitch of prosperity and by his own energy had raised himself to a higher sphere of society. Having procured his majesty's gracious permission, to add the name of his lovely Lady, to his own. Henceforth, Redmond Barry assumed the style and title of: Barry Lyndon.

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Breakheart Pass picture

Frank O'Brien: What the hell are they shooting?
Deputy U.S. Marshal Nathan Pearce: When you tell an Indian things will be a certain way and then they're not, he's inclined to think maybe you crossed him.

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Mitchell picture

Mitchell: She'll lie in my bed for nothin'.

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Gary: Has-been.
Max: At least I've been there. You'll never know what it looks like.

eric 64

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Against a Crooked Sky picture

Russian: You know, I had a boy like you once. He was as ugly as dirt... took after his ma. I ended up having to slit his throat.

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Capone picture

Frank Nitti: He was stupid. He was an animal. All he knew were guns, Tony. That's what put him on top and that's how he figured to stay on top. He was so busy pumping bullets in the guy across the street that he forgot something.The same thing Johnny Torrio forgot. That the guy you really gotta watch out for isn't across the street at all. He's the bum standing on the same ladder you are. Right behind you.

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The Giant Spider Invasion picture

Sheriff Jeff Jones: I used to take physics, but I find prunes do a better job for me.

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Carry on Behind picture

Prof. Anna Vrooshka: Tomorrow, we are poking holes all over caravan site.
Prof. Roland Crump: I don't think they would like that at all.
Prof. Anna Vrooshka: It's ok, we are poking early.

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Brannigan picture

Cmdr. Charles Swann: This isn't Chicago.
Brannigan: You're right, you can't get a decent burger anywhere in this town.

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Escape to Witch Mountain picture

Store Clerk: Well, sir, a covered wagon pulling outta St. Joe didn't take near as much supplies as you got yourself here, Mr. O'Day.
Jason O'Day: You're sure one well-informed man, aren't ya? Now, did you think you can hand me that carton without straining yourself, or are you just tuckered out from sticking your nose in my affairs?


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The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother picture

Jenny Hill: I'm not proud of what I did.
Sigerson Holmes: You've just told me a magnificent success story! Overlooking the fact that you're a liar, a thief, a traitor, and a whore, I don't see what should be bothering you.

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