Best mystery movie mistakes of 1975

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Dolemite picture

Revealing mistake: Anytime there is a fight, the hits hardly come close to making contact, but the sound effect is still there.

T Poston
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The Stepford Wives picture

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning when they are all getting into the yellow Ford car an outside of car camera cut from the front of the car to the side shows the lady's arm firstly inside, then rested on the door.

Paul Andrews
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Picnic at Hanging Rock picture

Factual error: The 14th of February 1900 was a Wednesday, not a Saturday.

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Race With the Devil picture

Continuity mistake: When the RV leaves the holiday park after the group find Ginger killed, look at the back of the vehicle and you will see that the window that the mechanic repaired earlier is just covered with brown paper. It changes to a patched-up window later on in the movie.

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Breakheart Pass picture

Continuity mistake: When John Deakin discovers the Reverend's body in the coffin, the Reverend's eyes are closed in one shot and open in the next.

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The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother picture

Continuity mistake: After he raids the candy box in the parlor, Sigerson's face is smeared with chocolate. The stains change noticeably from shot to shot as the scene progresses. The smears on his chin vanish altogether, although he hasn't wiped his face. (00:49:40)

Jean G
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