Best action movie revealing mistakes of 1975

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Death Race 2000 picture

Revealing mistake: As Machine Gun Joe runs slowly runs over a fisherman in a small brook, he stops and "peels out" on his head. You can see a film crewman in the driver's seat doing the actual carnage.

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Terror of Mechagodzilla picture

Revealing mistake: You can see the threads moving the submarine underwater. (00:04:55)

Dr Wilson
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Dolemite picture

Revealing mistake: Anytime there is a fight, the hits hardly come close to making contact, but the sound effect is still there.

T Poston
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The Eiger Sanction picture

Revealing mistake: When Clint Eastwood is at his Sanction in Zurich, he climbs up a drain pipe, and climbs through a window, if you look behind him, you can see a rope. (00:19:40)

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Rollerball picture

Revealing mistake: There are two actual games played out: one in Huston and one in Tokyo - the score board has identical faulty light bulbs in both locations.

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Race With the Devil picture

Revealing mistake: When Frank kills one of the rattlesnakes with a ski-pole in the RV, you can see that he is just stabbing the floor and not the snake.

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French Connection II picture

Revealing mistake: When the black guy is attacked after being let go, his throat is slashed. Check out how dreadfully fake the blood is. It looks like watered down ketchup.

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