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Blazing Saddles picture

Trivia: When Lamarr tells Le Petomane that his name is Hedley Lamarr and not Hedy, Le Petomane says that since it's 1874, Hedley could sue her. In 1974, actress Hedy Lamarr filed a lawsuit against Mel Brooks claiming the joke infringed on her privacy. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

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Young Frankenstein picture

Trivia: At the beginning when the coffin is opened, the clock strikes 13 times.

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The Godfather: Part II picture

Trivia: At Michael's hearing, very few of the senators, judges, etc. are actually actors. They are friends, acquaintances, and family of various members of the cast and crew.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre picture

Trivia: During the big chase scene Marilyn Burns was running so slowly that Gunnar Hansen stopped to cut tree branches so he wouldn't outrun her.

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The Towering Inferno picture

Trivia: Stars Paul Newman and Steve McQueen apparently argued intensely over who should get top billing. In the end the producers settled for a compromise: reading the film poster (which is reproduced as the DVD cover) top to bottom, Paul Newman is first, i.e. higher, or "top" billing. But reading left to right, Steve McQueen is first. The same applies to their photographs either side of the main artwork, McQueen on the left but Newman (marginally) higher up. Ironically, this billing format was an issue when McQueen was considered for a role in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."


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The Man with the Golden Gun picture

Trivia: Actress Maud Adams, who played "Andrea Anders", "Scaramanga"s mistress in the film, is the only actress to have played two lead roles in Bond films. A favourite of Cubby Broccoli, In 1983, she returned to play the title character in "Octopussy".

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The Longest Yard picture

Trivia: When the film was released Burt Reynolds arranged to have this film shown in maximum security prisons all over the US, because the prisoners obviously couldn't get to the theaters to see it themselves.

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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three picture

Trivia: New York Transit Authority has code words for trains going through subways, based on the departure station and time of departure. Pelham One Two Three means the train left Pelham Bay Park Station at 1:23 pm. Ever since the 1974 film was released, New York Transit authority has made a conscious decision to try very hard not to let subway trains leave Pelham Bay Park Station at 1:23 in the morning or afternoon.

Rob Halliday

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Dark Star picture

Trivia: When Doolittle is floating through space after the explosion, a piece of debris which floats by him is marked "toilet tank thx 138" - a reference to George Lucas' first film (01:20:40)


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Chinatown picture Chinatown trivia picture

Trivia: Director Roman Polanksi makes a cameo as the hood who knifes Jake's nose.

Cubs Fan Premium member

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Earthquake picture

Trivia: Walter Matthau plays the drunk who sits at the bar wearing a loud shirt and pimp hat. However, for the end credits his name is listed as "Walter Matuschanskayasky"

Mark Pitta 1

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Gone in 60 Seconds picture

Trivia: Ninety-three cars are destroyed in this movie.


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The Parallax View picture

Trivia: The man who plays that young deputy who bullies Warren Beatty in a bar (they also get into a rough car-chase later in the film) is Earl Hindman, whose most famous role came with the popular (here in Finland also) 1990's series "Home Improvement". He was that "faceless" neighbour of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's.


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Carry On Dick picture

Trivia: This was Sid James' Carry On swansong. He passed on two years later.

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The Conversation picture

Trivia: The dream sequence in which Harry tries to talk to Ann was originally meant to take place in real life (within the film, that is). The production didn't have time to finish the scene and the fog effects looked too phony. But rather than scrap the scene entirely, editor Walter Murch came up with the idea to include the footage as a dream.


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Stardust picture

Trivia: Ray Winstone is briefly seen as an uncredited extra in an early club performance scene. This was Winstone's first ever appearance on film.

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