Best TV mistakes of 1973

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Porridge picture

Men Without Women - S1-E6

Factual error: Throughout the whole show Godber, 'Bunny' Warren, McLaren, the Prison Governor and many of the guards refer to Fletcher as a Cockney. He even identifies himself as a Cockney on a number of occasions. However, in several episodes he refers to his upbringing in Muswell Hill and in this episode he refers to his having been born there - and we see his old stamping ground in that episode when he gets a weekend's compassionate leave. Nobody from Muswell Hill would ever refer to himself as a Cockney - Muswell Hill isn't even in East London!

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Some Mothers do 'Ave 'Em picture

Moving House - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: At the beginning when Frank is directing the vans, we see that one gets its windscreen broken by a ladder from another van. However, the glass breaks just before the ladder touches it.

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The Magician picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: 1-18 "The Illusion of the Deadly Conglomerate": Blake tosses the trick card, and it lands on the lower right side of the target. When Dominick walks over to pull the card free, it has moved itself to the upper left portion of the target. (00:29:20)

Jean G
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Last of the Summer Wine pictureLast of the Summer Wine mistake picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Interior shots of Ivy's cafe show a window in the back wall of the kitchen, visible through the door to the dining area. Exterior shots of the building show only a plain stone wall where the window should be.

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Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? picture

Affairs and Relations - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: Bob and Terry go away for the weekend in Bob's car, a blue four door Vauxhall Viva, registration number JCU 331G, but in the next episode "The Expert" they come home in a two door Vauxhall Viva, registration number ALF 132H.

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Star Trek: The Animated Series picture

Beyond the Farthest Star - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: There is an alien in a Starfleet gold shirt sitting next to Sulu. For a second, there is a human in a Starfleet red shirt, then it goes back to the gold shirt alien.

Movie Nut
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The Young and the Restless picture

Show generally

Revealing mistake: 44/34 Nick Newman is hit from behind and knocked unconscious. However, he bows his head and braces for the blow before he is hit. (00:48:00)

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Police Story picture

A Community of Victims - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: Officer Ripley's shoes change from black to white as he chases the ambulance, then back to black.

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