Best mystery movie trivia of 1973

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Soylent Green picture

Trivia: "Soylent" is a mixture of the words soy and lentil.

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The Wicker Man picture

Trivia: Christopher Lee did this movie for free, and considers it one of his best roles ever.

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Don't Look Now picture

Trivia: Despite repeated citations in print, (as recently as the 2001 edition of 'Film Facts' by Patrick Robertson), both Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie maintain that the sex scene between them was, in fact simulated, and they did not actually have sex, as has been widely reported.

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Theatre of Blood picture

Trivia: One of the movie critics that Edward Lionhart kills in the movie is Miss Chloe Moon, played by Coral Browne. In real life, Vincent Price and Coral Browne fell madly in love while making this movie, and they married shortly afterward, and remained married until her death in 1991.

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