Best horror movie revealing mistakes of 1973

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The Exorcist picture

Revealing mistake: Crash mats are visible on the steps, when the Father is thrown through the window and rolls down the stairs.

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The Wicker Man picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Sgt Howie hits McGregor (who is dressed as Punch) with a candlestick, watch closely and you can see that the blow from Howie is aimed into the padded section on the back of the punch costume, rather than at the back of McGregor's head.

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Don't Look Now picture

Revealing mistake: Right at the end when John is dying look at the texture of his blood. It is way too thin, almost like coloured water.

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Theatre of Blood picture

Revealing mistake: When Jack Hawkins punches through the door it is very apparent that it's made of very thin wood to make it much easier to hit through.

David Mercier
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The Baby picture

Revealing mistake: The eyes of Germaine's corpse shut, then open as Mrs. Wadsworth pulls the body off the bannister.

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