Best movie factual errors of 1973

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Magnum Force picture

Factual error: The woman walking past waiting fares, saying "excuse me, this is important." She gets into the right rear door of a 1963 Chevrolet, with flat door sill. In the interior of the car there is "Kick Up" in the doorsill, and a Ford door release handle, flush with the side trim. The 63 Chevy had different handles.

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White Lightning picture

Factual error: In the second chase scene (when Gator is blocking for Roy) it shows Gator turning on to Laurel street then entering into the parking lot and the storage area of a lumberyard (where the lumber falls on the state police car). Laurel St. is in N. Little Rock and the lumberyard is the old Wrape Stave lumber yard (also known as Dixie Culvert) in E. Sixth street in Little Rock.

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