Best movie audio problems of 1973

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Robin Hood picture

Audio problem: When Skippy gets a bow and arrow from Robin for his birthday, he says "For me? Gee, thanks." His mouth does not move on Gee.


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Live and Let Die picture

Audio problem: Before Bond and Solitaire gets into Kanaga's den in the end of the movie, we see two guards running. However there are only footsteps from one person.


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Enter the Dragon picture

Audio problem: When Williams is checking out the tray of meat he points and says "hmm, No, I really don't think so." His words don't match up to his mouth.


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The Seven-Ups picture

Audio problem: Despite the fact that Scheider's character is driving a Pontiac Ventura with an automatic transmission (note the floor pedals), the sound we hear is of a four-speed manual car being 'double-clutched' (reused sound from the Mustang GT in the film 'Bullitt'). (00:55:30)


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Magnum Force picture

Audio problem: When Callahan gets out of his car to stake out the robbery, he shuts the car door, and the sound of the door closing is heard after the door is shut.

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Sleeper picture

Audio problem: In the shop scene at Ginsberg and Cohen's, when Miles replies, "Something simple," he never opens his mouth to do so.

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Emperor of the North Pole picture

Audio problem: In the scenes aboard the train, you can hear the railroad crossing signal. But in the scene there is no road or highway crossing the tracks, only forest or open field. This happens al least 8 times along the film.

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White Lightning picture

Audio problem: After Gator's car hits the police car and drives off, the police give chase. Despite both cars being in a corn field, Gator's tires squeal as if on pavement when he drives off. (01:34:15)


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Charley Varrick picture

Audio problem: In the scene at the end where Joe Don Baker is chasing Walter Matthau's plane around the junkyard, you hear the unmistakable sound of tires screeching on pavement, yet the surface of the junkyard is all dirt.

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The Wicker Man picture

Audio problem: In the theatrical cut only, there is a scene where Willow goes into Howie's room and wakes him in the morning. She is heard to say something like "Wake up Sergeant", but her lips do not move.


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Chino picture

Audio problem: When Chino opens the door for Jamie for the first time his voice echoes as if he were in a closed room, just like later when they talk inside. (00:04:05)


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Holiday on the Buses picture

Audio problem: When Blakey visits the butler families chalet to tell them that the dance contest is cancelled, the butlers can all be heard saying goodbye to Blakey, but none of their lips are moving.

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Jesus Christ Superstar picture

Audio problem: During the song "Judas' Death", Caiaphas sings the line "What you have done will be the saving of everyone", but his mouth is saying " the saving of Israel", the song's original lyric. (01:24:00)

Cubs Fan Premium member

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The Exorcist picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie Chris calls to Father Dyer from her car and says, "I thought you'd like to keep this". If you read her lips she just says, "I thought you'd like this". (02:05:25)


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The Sting picture

Audio problem: When Hooker first meets Gondorff he says "he didn't tell me you were a screw-up." However, when he says 'screw-up' in some versions you can't distinctly see his lips form the letter F, meaning that he actually said another, ruder world that was covered up later.

rabid anarchist

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The Knock Out Cop picture

Audio problem: Rizzo gets interrupted in his 'conversation' with Tom; he shoves away the guy with the horseshoe moustache, sending him offscreen. A noise of broken glasses and cracked wood is added, but in the following part of the scene the club is undisturbed, with a couple nearby and every table intact. It's only a minute later when the big guy comes back with a vengeance, that stuff starts breaking and people acknowledge violence happening nearby. (00:36:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Shaft in Africa picture

Audio problem: The slave recruiter in the village shoots Shaft and kills his bodyguard. The Luger gun he is using has a suppressor, but the noise it makes is the noise of a normal, not 'silenced' gun. (00:56:55)

Sammo Premium member

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The Way We Were picture

Audio problem: When Katie and Hubbel are meeting up with the group after the death of President Roosevelt, she makes a comment about meeting up every 5 years, shortly after that, she says to Hubbel "what are we doing here?" you will notice that her lip movements don't match what she's saying.


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The Amazons picture

Audio problem: When the king's army officers are talking, the one who criticizes his adviser's mouth doesn't match with what he's saying.


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Serpico picture

Audio problem: When Sepico and Lombardo are in the chief of police's office, when the camera shows the wide shot with the chief looking out of the window, you can hear Lombardo talking but his lips are not moving. (01:47:00 - 01:48:00)

Ian Antcliff 1323

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