Best TV visible crew/equipment of 1972

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Emergency! picture

Decision - S2-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When Roy has trouble sleeping in the middle of the night, he gets up, and when he goes to the bathroom sink, there is a fully dressed crew member whose reflection is visible in the mirror, as he moves around and looks through the door window towards the actor. Then 51's tones drop, and in the next shot we see that all the other guys of Station 51 have been lying in their beds, before getting up and putting on their turnouts.

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M*A*S*H pictureM*A*S*H mistake picture

Death Takes a Holiday - S9-E5

Visible crew/equipment: After Charles confronts Choi Sung Ho about the candy, Ho explains that he sold it on the black market to buy real food, and when Ho reenters the mess tent through the side door, we can see that outside there's a director's chair, which actors also use, with something printed on its back.

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Are You Being Served? picture

The Father Christmas Affair - S4-E7

Visible crew/equipment: When Mr Humprhries is talking about the whereabouts of Mr Grainger, explaining about the inability to remove the Al Jolson make up, you can see John Inman looking up before having his face shadowed by a boom mike.

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The Bob Newhart Show picture

Have You Met Miss Dietz? - S2-E6

Visible crew/equipment: The camera is on Carol sitting at her desk talking. Behind her, you see a shadow of someone walking by. (My guess is that it was Jerry Robinson getting into position to enter the scene about 23 seconds later from that same location.) (00:07:45)

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Kung Fu picture

The Ancient Warrior - S1-E16

Visible crew/equipment: As the old Indian sets fire to burn his dead son, he walks towards Cain and on the left you see a fire extinguisher. (00:10:04)

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Sanford and Son picture

Sergeant Gork - S5-E23

Visible crew/equipment: As Bruinhilda starts to come out to do her number, the shadow of the boom mike is on the wall.

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The Waltons picture

The Carousel - S9-E11

Visible crew/equipment: After Colonel Brunson's funeral it cuts to Rose in the living room, and when Elizabeth and Drew walk into the house, the black T-mark can be seen on the rug where Elizabeth stands. (00:07:00)

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El Chavo del Ocho picture

Fiesta de la buena vecindad - S2-E17

Visible crew/equipment: While Chavo's eating a sandwich and la Chilindrina stick to him, a person inside Don Ramón's (Raymond) house.

Miguel Campos
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Maude picture

Maude's Desperate Hours - S5-E17

Visible crew/equipment: When the detectives leave Maude's house, a camera enters the shot from the upper left corner.

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