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The Indirect Method - S5-E6

Factual error: When Roy is electrocuted and falls from the roof, after Karen uses the defibrillator paddles on Roy, she lifts both paddles, looks at the EKG monitor and says "He's converted." How exactly could Karen have known that he's converted? It's impossible for the EKG monitor to show anything at all. Either the defib paddles have to be in contact with Roy's body for the "quick-look" to get a reading, which they weren't, or the ECG electrode discs have to be on Roy's chest connecting him to the EKG monitor, and they weren't. As an aside, just watching Marco having problems attaching the air mask, and quickly glancing up towards the camera frustrated, then giving up is priceless.

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Depressing News - S9-E12

Factual error: When Klinger's walking with Captain Allen and the Stars and Stripes photographer, just before their introductions to "Ben" they pass an empty corrugated box with its flap open, and the recycling symbol can be seen on the flap. Recycling symbols were not in use until about 20 years later.

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With This Ring, I Thee Kill! - S1-E7

Factual error: Rhodes views the silent movie and the film breaks, leaving the last frame frozen on the screen. Wouldn't happen. When 16mm film broke in 1970s projectors, any portion that jammed in the mechanism was exposed to intense heat from the projection lamp, and would burn. (00:35:30)

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The Bicycle - S1-E23

Factual error: While Ann is on the Walton's swing telling Curtis that he deceived and lied to her, when Curtis gets back into his car, a modern vehicle is visible at the right side of the screen, which is inappropriate for the time period. (00:46:10)

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The Chalice - S2-E3

Factual error: After the opening credits, Caine is walking along the beach. On the beach behind him, you can see a modern long-board surfboard lying in the sand which gets caught up in a wave.


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Show generally

Factual error: 14/11/2013: Amy sails to Ireland from a ferryport in Yorkshire. Ferries to Ireland do not sail from any port in Yorkshire. Yorkshire only has coastline on the North Sea, on the east side of Great Britain, not the Irish Sea, on the west. A ferry from Yorkshire would have to sail right round the country to get to Ireland. We know they're still in Yorkshire, as the paramedics who are called have "Yorkshire Ambulance" on their jackets.


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Sergeant Gork - S5-E23

Factual error: During the meeting with American prisoners the lone woman says she's fought in both the European and Pacific theaters. Unless I'm mistaken, nobody got shipped from one to another during the war unless one theater was done.


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Show generally

Factual error: 2016 special - You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Mr Harmon comments on a perfume called Belle, which he thinks is called "Belly", "I wonder what the next one will be called. Bingo Wings?" The episode is set in 1988 and the term "bingo wings" didn't exist before the 1990s. (00:10:40)

Paul Giaccone

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Show generally

Factual error: The apartment makes no sense.There are 3 steps down to the living room which you might have in a house but not in a high rise apartment building.The hallway shows a door for another apartment which would put most of its apartment out past the edge of the building.


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