Best TV audio problems of 1972

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Grateful - S5-E21

Audio problem: When Vince and Mike pull the tabletop out from under the car, while Roy is under there with Mrs. Merkle, we hear the audio of Roy loudly saying, "I'm telling you right now, we're gonna have to brace this thing well, this thing will...," but what's oddly funny is that the dialogue is dubbed right over Roy saying, "Wait, wait, let me check her over...," which is a neat trick that he can say both lines at the same time.

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Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe - S10-E1

Audio problem: At the end when Capt. Peacock comes onto the floor in his maintenance garb, Mr. Harman points him to a spot on the floor and tells him to mop it up. In the initial shot Harman is indeed telling him, but when the camera cuts to another angle Harman is visible and still talking but his lips aren't moving.

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Ebenezer Sanford - S5-E12

Audio problem: During the dream sequence, while the spirits of Christmas uses echoing sounds in their voices periodically, Fred's voice was not supposed to echo at all, but his voice can be heard echoing as well a few times.

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The Unthinkable - S8-E15

Audio problem: While Ted and Jason are slopping pigs at the pen, Ted asks, "They really eat this garbage?" then as Ted pours the bucket contents we hear Ted exclaim, "They really eat this garbage!" but his mouth appears to say, "They really eat this crap!" (00:18:35)

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