Best movie revealing mistakes of 1972

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The Godfather picture

Revealing mistake: When Sonny is punching Carlo under the spraying fire hydrant, he misses an audible punch by at least six inches. (01:43:30)

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Last Tango in Paris picture

Revealing mistake: At her wake, Rose blinks when Paul leans in to clean her face.

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Jeremiah Johnson picture

Revealing mistake: Although the film is set during the aftermath of the Mexican War (1848-50), the mountain vistas display some lovely radio towers and fire ranger stations.

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What's Up, Doc? picture

Revealing mistake: In the early part of the chase scene, when the person hanging the banner swings into the pane of glass, you can actually see it start to shatter before he touches it.

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Deliverance picture

Revealing mistake: In a scene where the canoes are shooting the rapids through a sheer cliff you can clearly see a stuntman climbing out of the water onto the rock.

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Mutiny on the Buses picture

Revealing mistake: When Stan is in the safari park driving the bus with the monkey on the steering wheel the scene outside the bus is obviously background projection and at times it runs backwards giving the impression that the bus is in reverse when all the time it is going forwards.

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Conquest of the Planet of the Apes picture

Revealing mistake: When McDonald is in the tunnels and is called to pick up the phone, he picks up a red phone. It is a standard Bell TouchTone desk phone. To make the phone look more futuristic, there was no cord and it was disguised as a cordless phone. The port that the cord would plug into is covered by a piece of colored tape. This also can be seen in the operations center of Ape Control when the worker picks up the phone.

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The Poseidon Adventure picture

Revealing mistake: When the ship is upside-down and they're trying to get Susan down from the table, you can see that the table really isn't attached to the ceiling. You can see the center pool split into legs that are supposed to be connected to the floor, but when Susan moves around and shakes the table, the legs shake and you can see space between them and the floor. Even if the other legs outside of the shot were connected, the table would be leaning under Susan's weight.

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The Last House on the Left picture

Revealing mistake: When Weasel says, "How's your back, baby?" to Phyllis, she spits in his face, but Weasel closes his eyes before she spits.

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Carry On Matron picture

Revealing mistake: When Hattie Jacques and Barbara Windsor see Madeline Smith about her baby, you can see that the 'baby' is an obvious doll.

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Carry on Abroad picture

Revealing mistake: When Bernard Bresslaw punches the guard who is grabbing hold of his girlfriend during the fight at the market, you can see that his fist never makes any contact with the guard's face.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland picture

Revealing mistake: After Alice falls down the hole, into the leaves, she gets up and runs down a stone to follow the White Rabbit. As she runs down the stone, it quite visibly squashes down under he feet, revealing that it is foam.

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Joe Kidd picture

Revealing mistake: When Clint Eastwood is shooting his 1896 Muster Machine pistol, with the long barrel, even though he fires numerous shots the hammer remains fully cocked and does not move.

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Silent Running picture

Revealing mistake: Freeman Lowell has several cargo containers dumped off the spaceship, to make it appear the ship has suffered an accident. A wide shot shows the ship receding in the distance, with the containers rolling weightlessly in the foreground. As the foreground containers pass slightly in front of the more distant ones, they don't mask them; their images overlap. The containers were apparently composited into the shot with simple multiple exposures. (00:35:40)

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Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance picture

Revealing mistake: At the hot spring village, when the Ronin are discussing Itto, there is a close-up shot of one of the men's face (when he says "He may be skilled, but he's with his kid so he can't do anything") and you can see his bushy eyebrows are fake as well as the beginning of his hair cap. (00:54:50)

Jack Vaughan
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Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx picture

Revealing mistake: When Itto is bathing, near the beginning of the film, he hears the clanking sound and then there is a close-up shot of his face. The start of his wig, the hairline, is visible. (00:08:48)

Jack Vaughan
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Fist of Fury picture

Revealing mistake: During the iconic dojo brawl scene, Bruce Lee at one point picks up two men and whirls them around. It's obvious in the wide shot that they are just dummies.

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Moon of the Wolf picture

Revealing mistake: Just before Louise shoots him, Andrew turns to face the camera, and the blood packs under his shirt are very visibly outlined.

Jean G
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Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Peril picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film O-Yuki is fighting the men in the forest and kills them one by one. When she kills the last one there is a close-up shot of her dagger entering his rib area and blood sprays out. However, if you pay close attention you can see the blood sprays out of his sleeve (presumably there is a device in there), not his torso. (00:01:18)

Jack Vaughan
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Bless This House picture

Revealing mistake: When the cafe owner takes Mike's chef hat away from him to continue frying the food on the hot plate, he stands on Mike's hand and breaks an egg. You can see that the egg is a fake one as no yolk is visible.

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