Best comedy TV trivia of 1970

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The Partridge Family picture

Trivia: In episode 80, "Double Trouble", Johanna is played by Cheryl Stoppelmoor - who is today known as Cheryl Ladd.

Jeff Swanson
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The Odd Couple picture

Trivia: Oscar's wife Blanche was played by Brett Somers, Klugman's own wife.

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Mary Tyler Moore picture

Trivia: Mary Tyler Moore was very concerned about the fashion appearing on the show, if the hemline changed in Paris then a scene would be shot over again with the hemline of the dress/skirt changed accordingly.

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The Goodies picture

The Bunfight at the OK Tea Rooms - S5-E12

Trivia: Graeme Garden made sure his back was padded for the death scene at the end where he planned to throw himself backwards onto the ground. When the time came, he twisted around and landed flat on his unpadded front, to the eternal amusement of his co-stars.

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