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Tick...tick...tick... picture

Jimmy Price: What's going on back there?
Black Deputy: Police brutality.

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Darling Lili picture

Lt. George 'Youngblood' Carson: My grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.
Lili Smith: How exciting.
Lt. George 'Youngblood' Carson: It was for my granddaddy.

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Tropic of Cancer picture

Henry Miller: Could you loan me five francs to take a taxi to St. Lazare? Now, you know Mona. If I'm not there to meet the boat train, she's liable to turn right around and go back.

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Lovers and Other Strangers picture

Frank Vecchio: We're all strangers. But after a while you get used to it. You become deeper strangers. That's a sort of love.

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Count Yorga, Vampire picture

Count Yorga: Doctor Hayes, what an unexpected surprise.
Dr. James Hayes: Yes, so much so that I almost had a massive coronory.

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