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Two Mules for Sister Sara picture

Hogan: I don't mind killing em for ya, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sweat over em.

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Patton picture

Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman: You know General, sometimes the men don't know when you're acting.
Patton: It's not important for them to know. It's only important for me to know.

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Kelly's Heroes picture

Oddball: Arf arf arf... That's my other dog impression.

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Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town picture

Dingle: Wiggle my ears and tickle my toes, methinks I see a baby's nose! It's more than a nose. There's a whole baby attached to it. Better call my brothers! Wingle! Bingle! Tingle! Zingle.
Zingle: What is it, Dingle?
Wingle: It's a baby, Zingle.
Tingle: A baby what, Wingle?
Bingle: A baby baby, Tingle.
Dingle: I like babies, Bingle.
Bingle: Our baby's the best baby of them all, Wingle.

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Little Big Man picture

Old Lodge Skins: Today is a good day to die.

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Carry On Up the Jungle picture

Prof. Inigo Tinkle: I'm flabbergasted! My gast has never been so flabbered.

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Trog picture

Dr. Brockton: Malcolm, get me my hypo-gun - quickly.

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Five Easy Pieces picture

Palm Apodaca: I had to leave this place because I got depressed seeing all the crap. And the thing is, they're making more crap, you know? They got so many stores and stuff and junk full of crap I can't believe it.
Bobby: Who?
Palm Apodaca: Who? Man, that's who. Pretty soon there won't be any room for man. They're selling more crap that people go and buy than you can imagine. Crap.

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Cotton Comes to Harlem picture

Gravedigger Jones: Hey, Ed.
Coffin Ed: What is it?
Gravedigger Jones: Look at this. Cotton, from inside the meat truck.
Coffin Ed: One thing for sure, it ain't drugstore cotton.
Anderson: What is it?
Coffin Ed: It's raw, unprocessed cotton. Like from a bale.
Gravedigger Jones: Ohhh, it's a long time since I've seen cotton like that.
Coffin Ed: Digger, you ain't never seen no raw cotton before. You were born and raised right here in New York, just like me.

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The Bird with the Crystal Plumage picture

Inspector Morosini: Right! Bring in the perverts.

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Love Story picture

Jennifer Cavalieri: You look stupid and rich.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well, what if I'm smart and poor?
Jennifer Cavalieri: I'm smart and poor.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well what makes you so smart?
Jennifer Cavalieri: I wouldn't go out for coffee with you that's what.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well what if I wasn't even gonna ask you to go out for coffee with me?
Jennifer Cavalieri: Well that's what makes you stupid.

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The Cheyenne Social Club picture

Harley Sullivan: I thought you know me better than that, John, after all the years we rode together.
John O'Hanlan: Well, I guess it just goes to prove that you never really know a man until the chips are down and you need him the most.

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Start the Revolution Without Me picture

Duke d'Escargot: I warn you gentlemen, I am not to be trifled with. To pull the tail of a lion is to open the mouth of trouble and reveal the teeth of revenge biting the tongue of deceit.

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Woodstock picture

Chip Monck - Stage Announcer: Somebody may have noticed or all of you may have noticed, our familiar colored helicopter over there. The United States Army has lent us some medical teams and giving us a hand. They're with us, man! They are not against us! They're with us and they're here to give us all a hand and help us.

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Catch-22 picture

Colonel Cathcart: You're a disgrace. I'd like to know how you got to be a Captain, anyway.
Yossarian: You promoted me.
Colonel Cathcart: That has got nothing to do with it.

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Cry of the Banshee picture

Lord Edward Whitman: H is for heretic.

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Which Way To The Front? picture

Adolf Hitler: Did you know that last year more people died from cigarette smoking than from bombings?
Brendan Byers III: What will you do about that, F├╝hrer?
Adolf Hitler: Increase the bombings.

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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes picture

Holmes: We all have occasional failures. Fortunately Dr. Watson never writes about mine.

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Darling Lili picture

Lt. George 'Youngblood' Carson: My grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.
Lili Smith: How exciting.
Lt. George 'Youngblood' Carson: It was for my granddaddy.

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Scrooge picture

Ebenezer Scrooge: How shall I ever understand this world? There is nothing on which it is so hard as poverty, and yet, there is nothing it condemns with such severity as the pursuit of wealth.

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