Best horror movie quotes of 1970

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House of Dark Shadows picture

Carolyn Stoddard: We were all very surprised that you've decided to settle in Collinsport.
Barnabas Collins: When you know me better, you won't be.

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Trog picture

Dr. Brockton: Malcolm, get me my hypo-gun - quickly.

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Cry of the Banshee picture

Maureen Whitman: It's as though we're all seeds of evil.

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Count Yorga, Vampire picture

Count Yorga: Doctor Hayes, what an unexpected surprise.
Dr. James Hayes: Yes, so much so that I almost had a massive coronory.

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Taste the Blood of Dracula picture

Dracula: They have destroyed my servant. They will be destroyed.

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The Bird with the Crystal Plumage picture

Inspector Morosini: Right! Bring in the perverts.

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Count Dracula picture

Count Dracula: One of my race crossed the Danube a destroyed the Turkish host.Though sometimes beaten back he came again and again then at the end he came again for he alone could triumph.This was a Dracula indeed.

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