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True Grit picture

Trivia: The hat band on John Wayne's hat once belonged to Gary Cooper. It was a gift to John from Cooper.

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Easy Rider picture

Trivia: Peter Fonda meets up with two prostitutes in the film. One is Karen Black and the other Toni Basil who gave us that neat little hit Mickey in 1981.

Larry Koehn
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Midnight Cowboy picture

Trivia: The most famous line in this film is purely ad-libbed. Apparently a tough New York cabbie broke through and drove across one shoot, nearly running down Jon Voight (Joe Buck) and Dustin Hoffman (Enrico Salvatore "Ratso" Rizzo). Notice Voight's startled expression. Hoffman, still in character, slams on the hood and shouts at the cabbie, "Hey, I'm walkin' here. I'm walkin' here."

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service picture

Trivia: All of the guards at the clinic on the mountain have the Olympic rings on their orange track suit tops.

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The Italian Job picture

Trivia: The film is primarily about cars and driving. Star Michael Caine could not drive at the time the movie was made. Charlie Croker is assumed to be driving when he picks up his Aston Martin at the garage but in the next shot, we see it arrive outside a hotel. Caine only gets out of the stationary Aston Martin. In other scenes, including the trip to Turin and the gold heist, Caine is a passenger. However, he is seen driving his E-type Jaguar into the Turin building where the Minis are being modified. The DVD confirms that Caine couldn't drive, but could just about manage the basics.

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Battle of Britain picture

Trivia: During the Stuka attack on the radar station, the two Stuka radio controlled models that collide was a complete accident. It looked good so was left in the final version.

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Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid picture

Trivia: Katherine Ross, (Etta Place) was caught operating a camera, filming some footage of the arrival of the train carrying the "super posse". In the late 60s the US film business was strict, closed shop union (to a great extent it still is) and Ross operating a camera was against every rule there is. Several senior crew members demanded her dismissal from the film but producer John Foreman and Unit Production Manager Lloyd Anderson, aware of the fact that a lot of scenes with her in it would have to be reshot at absurd expense, argued for a compromise to which the union agreed - none of the footage she shot would be used (it wasn't) and she would be asked not to be on set while scenes in which she was not involved were shot. Her gender was totally irrelevant to the issue. This is confirmed in William Goldman's excellent memoir, "Which Lie Did I Tell?"

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Take The Money And Run picture

Trivia: Something to look for: in the scene where Woody Allen is making ready to go on his first date with Louise and is having trouble working the water in his bathroom, take a look at the knobs on the sink: both read "COLD."

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The Bridge at Remagen picture

Trivia: The filming in Czechoslovakia was interrupted due to life imitating art somewhat when in August 1968 the Soviets decided to invade. The evacuation of cast and crew was performed using a fleet of 20 taxis.

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Carry on Camping picture

Trivia: This film was set in the summer time but recorded in November and the field they set the film in was so muddy they had to spray paint the mud green so it looked like grass.

James Warrender
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Moon Zero Two picture

Trivia: Moon Zero Two is one of only three movies (of which I'm aware) that portray the vacuum of space as being non-acoustical: there are no sound effects laid in for the "outdoor" scenes. The other two flicks are 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Destination Moon.

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Hello Dolly! picture

Trivia: Barneby talks to Cornelius (Michael Crawford) about going to Barnum's museum. Michael Crawford played Barnum in a stage play in the 90's.

unkajes Premium member
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Kes picture

Trivia: When the boys are in Mr. Gryce's office, the producers hadn't told them beforehand that they were going to get caned. So whatever reactions the boys display are their real reactions. Afterward, the boys ran out crying. The producers paid them each ten bob to shut them up.

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Carry On Again Doctor picture

Trivia: Wilfrid Brambell has a cameo role as Mr. Pullen in this film. During Brambell's appearance, you can hear the 'Steptoe & Son' theme, the TV series in which he appeared.

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The Wild Bunch picture

Trivia: Ernest Borgnine's limp is genuine because he broke his foot before production began.

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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice picture

Trivia: Right at the very end, when the group of people is milling around staring at each other, watch for Barbara Feldon, from Get Smart.

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They Shoot Horses, Don't They? picture

Trivia: The film currently holds the record for being nominated for the most Academy Awards (nine) without a nomination for Best Picture.

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The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes picture

Trivia: When Walt Disney died of lung cancer in the mid-1960s, his last written words were "Kurt Russel," alluding to a Disney actor who was only a young teenager at the time. Kurt Russel went on to become a prominent actor in film in his adult years.

Charles Austin Miller
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Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here picture

Trivia: This film is based on a true story; but, of course, much dramatic license is taken with the facts. For example, while the movie depicts Lola shot in the chest (either by Willie Boy or by herself), the real-life "Lola" was shot in the back by the posse that was chasing them. Also, while the movie depicts Sheriff Cooper gunning down Willie Boy at the end, the real-life Willie Boy committed suicide by his own hand.

Charles Austin Miller
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The Happy Ending picture

Trivia: Although they played mother and daughter in this film, Teresa Wright was only eleven years older than Jean Simmons.

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