Best movie revealing mistakes of 1969

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The Italian Job picture

Revealing mistake: When the police car crashes through the grating that was dropped down in front of it at the end of the tunnel, the occupants are dummies - they just bounce about in the same upright position whilst the car drives into the river.

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Support Your Local Sheriff picture

Revealing mistake: When McCullough is discussing Prudy's oddities with the matronly lady out front of the mayor's house, it is obvious that the lady is standing on a dirt-covered concrete sidewalk.

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service picture

Revealing mistake: When Bond throws a Blofeld henchman off a cliff near Piz Gloria in the Alps you can see that it is a dummy as it's arm swings round and wraps around the whole dummy.

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Carry on Camping picture

Revealing mistake: Although the movie 'Carry On Camping' is supposed to have been set in the summer time, it was actually filmed in November 1968, during a spell of very cold weather. You can actually see the cast's breath in the cold air at some points. The field in which the famous "flying bra" sequence was shot was so muddy, that the mud had to be sprayed green to make it look like grass.

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Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening sequence when Sundance shoots the gun belt off the card player, the film was cut to make the quick draw appear faster. You can see Butch's image jump across the screen in the background.

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Marooned picture

Revealing mistake: Early in the film Gene Hackman tests a rocket-powered backpack outside the space station. He slowly spins sideways through a complete circle, but instead of each side of his body being lit up in turn as it's pointed towards the sun, the light stays constant throughout the maneuver, showing that the makers just took a photo of Hackman and rotated it.

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My Side of the Mountain picture

Revealing mistake: Sam is supposedly far away from civilization, but throughout the movie you can see a ski slope in the background. (00:16:05)

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Battle of Britain picture

Revealing mistake: Technical Glitch: In the opening scene before the opening credits. The British are being run out of one of the last remaining fields in France. The Sergeant is burning the "lame ducks" when German planes attack. A German plane attacks almost directly toward the camera, you hear machine gun noises but no effects. Next a plane attacks from right to left, you hear machine gun noises and see the effects indicating the bullets striking the target. After the second plane has gone you see the effects of the first planes attack.

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Carry On Again Doctor picture

Revealing mistake: Miss Fosdick searches in her filing cabinet, but there are no files visible only the file holders.

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Easy Rider picture

Revealing mistake: When Wyatt, Billy, and the stranger they had just picked up are sitting at the campfire their shadows on the rock are not in any proper projection from the fire, plus, they are totally still. (00:22:10)


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Oh! What a Lovely War picture

Revealing mistake: The shot in the station is somewhat revealing, not only a modern diesel train (as already reported) in 1914 but also a third electric rail. (01:05:15)

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Paint Your Wagon picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the town is collapsing, there is a shot of Ben in the bathtub falling into the river, if you look closely, you can see the strings that are keeping the tub steady and upright.

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The Bridge at Remagen picture

Revealing mistake: When the Remagen bridge is bombed, it is obvious that the bomber planes shown have been taken from several shots (possibly also from an earlier film) and the shots were superimposed. Also, the bombers appear transparent, and the background sky's color is unnaturally strong, too.

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Anne of the Thousand Days picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene in which Mark Smeaton is being tortured to force a confession, the actor's mouthful of modern silver tooth fillings are plainly visible as he screams.

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A Boy Named Charlie Brown picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film, Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy all cast shadows from the moon, and then suddenly seconds later all the shadows are fully gone. Also, no shadows were cast from any other object around them when the shadows were shown on the characters.

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Castle Keep picture

Revealing mistake: Captain Beckman is in the tower shooting at a small German plane that is attacking the castle. He is told to aim for the engine but when he does and shoots it down its not the engine that smokes, its both the wheels that are smoking from some very obvious smoke tubes attached to the fixed landing gear.


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The Wild Bunch picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie, the Bunch are relaxing and passing around a bottle of whiskey. While the actors could not be expected to drink real alcohol, it's too bad the prop guy could not have mixed up some less foamy instant tea, typically used as a substitute in these scenes.

stevewaclo Premium member

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The Undefeated picture

Revealing mistake: The first time we see the artillery blow up a group of Confederate soldiers, the guys wear pretty distinctive hats; the one at the center has a red band on it, the one to his right a straw hat, etc. Ten seconds later, the artillery blows up another group of soldiers...who are the exact same group from before. It's just another take. (00:00:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Journey to the Far Side of the Sun picture

Revealing mistake: When the lift body first separates from the orbiter you can see the support wires for the orbiter hanging below (scene must have been filmed upside down).

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