Best adventure movie plot holes of 1969

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service picture

Plot hole: Blofeld tells Bond that he realised he was not the real Sir Hilary Bray when Bond told him that the Bleuchamp tombs are in the Augsburg Cathedral. Blofeld informs Bond that they are in-fact in the Saint Anna Kirche, and the real Sir Hilary Bray would've known this. However Bond had gotten his information about the Bleuchamp tombs in Augsburg from the real Sir Hilary Bray earlier in the film. (01:19:05)

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Captain Nemo and the Underwater City picture

Plot hole: At the very beginning, as the passenger ship is foundering in a powerful storm, the little boy places his kitten in a box and tucks the box inside his shirt just moments before he is cast into the churning sea. Sinking into the depths, the boy and other passengers are presently rescued by Captain Nemo's team of divers, who supply the drowning passengers with oxygen until they board the submarine Nautilus. Once aboard, the little boy opens his hidden box to reveal a wet but very much alive kitten that could not possibly have survived submersion for that length of time in a box that was not waterproof.

Charles Austin Miller
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