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Green Berets picture

Factual error: The final scene of the movie has Col. Kirby and the little Vietnamese boy supposedly on the beach at Da Nang, Vietnam. Kirby is saying, "The future of 'nam is you, kid", and the camera pans out to the sea and the sun is going down. The sun's sinking in the east...

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Suggested correction: Nowhere in the film are we told where in Vietnam the Green Beret base is, just that it is in South Vietnam (of course). South Vietnam has a Western coast, along the Gulf of Thailand, along which anyone can watch the sun set over the sea.

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Where Eagles Dare picture

Factual error: The Germans in the castle are using Bell 47 helicopters which, apart from being manufactured by the enemy, did not even appear until after the war.

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2001: A Space Odyssey picture

Factual error: When we see the space station from the cockpit of the approaching shuttle, the station does not appear to rotate because the shuttle is rotating at the same speed. OK...except that the station IS still rotating with respect to the sun, which means that the light source and shadows on the station should be moving.

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Romeo and Juliet picture

Factual error: In the opening shot of the city of Verona, it is possible to see a bicycle moving in the distance. Bicycles weren't invented at the time the film takes place.

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Hang 'Em High picture

Factual error: In the scene where people are arriving in town for the hanging, a family are told they have tents set up in the Boondocks. "Boondocks" is a Philippino word that entered the English language when the Philippines was a colony of the U.S. The movie is set 9 years before the Spanish American war so the word didn't exist in the English Language during the period of the movie. (01:11:20)

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang picture

Factual error: When Chitty Chitty Bang Bang arrives at the Potts' house, Grandpa Potts is sitting in a deckchair reading a very modern colour edition of National Geographic magazine.

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Bullitt picture

Factual error: When the hitman shoots the Mustang's windshield, the damage is not consistent with a shotgun blast at close range. The windscreen is actually hit in two separated areas. Winchester would be very unhappy if their guns really shot like this.

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Yours, Mine and Ours picture

Factual error: In the scene where Frank is giving Helen a ride home from the Japanese Restaurant, when they drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, you see them pass three support towers when there are only two on the real bridge. There are also exit signs that disappear just before they pass the third tower.

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Night of the Living Dead picture

Factual error: In the 30th Anniversary version with new footage it is revealed that the first zombie we see (the one that kills Johnny) died in the electric chair. If that's the case, he should be bald with a large burn on his scalp, but he has a full head of hair.

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Once Upon a Time in the West picture

Factual error: It seems unlikely that the bullet hole in Harmonica's jacket should have burned edges - he was shot at a distance of more than ten metres. (00:36:35)

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Ice Station Zebra picture

Factual error: "Ice Station Zebra" is one of dozens of films which make the mistake of showing people carrying rifles such as M-16s with the magazines inserted. In the scene where Marine Captain Jim Brown arrives at the submarine via helicopter, he comes aboard passing his M-16 through a hatch with the magazine inserted, barrel first - a double safety violation. I first saw the movie in a Marine Corps base theater, and all of us yelled at the screen when we saw that.

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Rosemary's Baby picture

Factual error: Rosemary calls Dr. Hill from a pay phone and says, "The baby's due on Tuesday, you remember you told me June 28th" (and June 28th 1966 does fall on a Tuesday). In the previous scene in Dr. Sapirstein's office his receptionist is making an appointment "next week" for a patient and that date is "July 10th" indicating that if Rosemary is due on June 28th (which she says is next Tuesday) the dates do not match and it must still be the week of June 20th which is at least two weeks before July 10th. (01:44:45)

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Charly picture

Factual error: There's one scene where Charly's just woken up from his surgery. The next scene shows him working on a puzzle, and he has a full head of hair and no bandages. If he'd just got brain surgery, don't you think he'd still be wearing bandages or at least have his head shaved?

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The Lion in Winter picture

Factual error: Eleanor uses a paisley-shaped mirror. The paisley pattern comes from India and is designed after the mango, therefore unknown in the England of 1138, centuries before the British set foot on the subcontinent. (01:04:40)

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The Devil's Brigade picture

Factual error: The German tanks are American M47s, post WW2. They had the same hulls as the M46s (also post-WW2), but a better slope and greater effective armor on the turrets.

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Funny Girl picture

Factual error: In the famous tugboat scene, Fannie rides out on a New York Central tugboat painted jade green - a color which wasn't instituted on the boats until the early 1960s. To be accurate, the tugboat would have to have been painted red with a black stack and the New York Central logo.

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Carry On Up the Khyber picture

Factual error: The revolvers carried and used by Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond, Captain Keene and Sergeant Major Mcnutt throughout the film (and particularly at the end fight) are Webley MkVI's, not introduced into the British Army until 1915, 20 years after the film is set. Additionally, the holsters Keene and Mcnutt carry them in are webbing holsters, not introduced until well after WW1 (1914-1919).

Andrew Upton
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The Shoes of the Fisherman picture

Factual error: When Premier Kamenev shows Kiril a map over the Chinese-Soviet border, it shows the Korean peninsula as a part of China.

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Speedway picture

Factual error: First time I ever saw a 600 mile NASCAR race where nobody had to make a tire change.

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Prudence and the Pill picture

Factual error: The film tells the stories of five male/female couples. They have conflicting aims in their relationships. For example, one wants to become a parent while the other does not want children. Thus they all obtain supplies of contraceptive pills (in bottles) and re-label them as aspirins or vitamin tablets (or vice versa) depending on whether they want pregnancy or not. The bottles get mixed up, causing panic and anxiety for all involved. All the interlocked stories are based on a complete error. Contraceptive pills are not stored in bottles. Contraceptive pills are packaged in 'blister packs'. This basic fact makes a nonsense of the entire film.

Rob Halliday
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