Best movie character mistakes of 1967

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Quatermass and the Pit picture

Character mistake: Colonel Breen theorises to Quatermass that the spaceship is an experimental German V-weapon from the second world war: However according to the story, the underground station (Hobbs End) was dug in 1927: The V-weapons first landed in London in 1944, so how was it possible for a V-weapon to land where it did underground, impacted soild in clay right next to a deep level underground railway station seventeen years later without anyone noticing at the time? Breen should realise that his theory makes no sense.

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Carry On Doctor picture

Character mistake: At the hospital, Mr Bigger's surname is misspelt as "Biggir" on the name tag on his bed.

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Brighty of the Grand Canyon picture

Character mistake: When Uncle Jim and Homer are heading up the rim to report Old Timer's possible murder, we see Brighty running along the trail ahead of them and Jim and Homer riding along behind struggling to keep up. Jim and Homer stop briefly, Jim asks Homer for a canteen, then for some unknown reason Jim dismounts and leads his mule in the direction opposite to which they were heading before.

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Barefoot in the Park picture

Character mistake: Corie goes into the empty bedroom and says "The bed is six feet long" as she measures it out with her feet "and the room is five and a half feet, and I'm in big trouble." But she only measured the width of the room, not the length.

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The Jungle Book picture

Character mistake: During "The Bare Necessities", when Mowgli climbs onto his back, Baloo asks him to scratch his left shoulder; Mowgli then proceeds to scratch Baloo's right shoulder.

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Suggested correction: Mowgli starts with the left shoulder. After that he moves over the back when Baloo arches and ends up on the right shoulder.


Suggested correction: Mowgli has lived with wolves for God knows how long. Wolves wouldn't just teach him the difference between left and right when they could teach him how to feed himself. For this reason, Mowgli could get it wrong. Also, the bear could've muddled up his words without realizing as, again, it isn't necessary to know left and right.

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