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Suggested correction: Views of the tunnels made before the creature was wounded by Kirk and Spock appear almost perfectly smooth. It is explained that the creature exudes a powerful acid to dissolve the rock. This tunnel was made after the creature was wounded, so it is logical that the wounded portion of the creature would secrete less acid thus leaving an imperfection as the creature tunnels. This could be a case of incredible attention to detail by the set designer rather than an error revealed.

This correction is too much of a stretch to explain a perfect seam by the wounded Horta. Plus, if the Horta was secreting less corrosive substance, then that area would be less eroded, not more. If attention to detail was paid, then the area would have an outward seam, not an inward one.


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Revealing mistake: 1967: Barnabas and Vicky are talking in Collinwood's foyer when a great deal of noise starts interrupting the scene from backstage. You can hear coughing, several bumps and crashes, shouts, and finally, a fire extinguisher going off. Meanwhile, the distracted actors are completely blowing all their lines - but the unstoppable taping goes on.

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