Best adventure movie audio problems of 1966

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Night Train to Mundo Fine picture

Audio problem: During the chase at the end of the movie, the police cars' tires squeal in the dirt.

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One Million Years B.C. picture

Audio problem: When Sakana has captured Loana the first time, Tumak is fighting Sakana for Loana. Tumak has stabbed Sakana with his spear and is about to kill him when Loana intervenes crying "Neh, Neh," while grabbing the spear and deflecting the final thrust. The defect is that Loana's last "Neh," is heard while her mouth is firmly closed.

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Batman picture

Audio problem: As the camera looks at the delegates, it gets to the Japanese man. What is heard in no way matches his mouth's movements. Also, the British representative can be heard speaking a second or two after disappearing.

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