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In Harm's Way picture

Captain Rockwell Torrey: We both know what's eating you, Paul. You can't wash it out with booze.

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36 Hours picture

Maj. Walter Gerber: I think deep down you wanted to be caught.
Anna Hedler, Nurse: Why?
Maj. Walter Gerber: Guilt cries out for punishment - punishment as a specific cure for a feverish conscience.

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Battle of the Bulge picture

Col. Martin Hessler: They have the fuel and planes to fly Cake over the Atlantic Ocean.
Col. Martin Hessler: Do you know what this means?

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Shenandoah picture

Lt. Sam: I'd be eternally grateful if you'd permit me to call upon you this evening.
Jennie Anderson: Eternally is a long time, Sam.
Lt. Sam: Not when one carries a memory of you, Miss Jennie.

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Doctor Zhivago picture

Anna: But, Boris, this is genius.
Medical Professor: Really? I thought it was Rachmaninoff. I'm going for a smoke.

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The Hill picture

Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: Then there's the Commandant. The Commandant signs bits of paper. He'd sign his own death warrant if I gave it to him.

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Major Dundee picture

Capt. Benjamin Tyreen: I've already been three men, Amos. That's enough for one lifetime.
Maj. Amos Dundee: Irish immigrant.
Capt. Benjamin Tyreen: Cashiered Army officer.
Maj. Amos Dundee: ...and Confederate renegade. And I don't like any of them.
Capt. Benjamin Tyreen: Well, now isn't that a coincidence?

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The Bedford Incident picture

Ben Munceford: I've heard a lot about you, Commodore, but I never expected I'd meet you.
Commodore Schrepke: Is that so?
Ben Munceford: Not aboard an American destroyer.
Commodore Schrepke: (Is) that so surprising in these times?
Ben Munceford: I guess not, if one can make the switch mentally. But I, uh... I still connect you with... Hitler's navy.
Commodore Schrepke: Your pardon: Admiral Dönitz's navy, sir.

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Genghis Khan picture

Emperor of China: It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

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