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Other mistake: When Billie visited Georgia's grave in Salem, she acted as if the baby was buried there, yet, Billie should know that the coffin buried is just a bunch of rocks and the real Georgia is buried where Earl, Wayne, and their mother live by the bayou. Billie lied to Bo about Hope being the cause of their baby's death and buried the rocks in the coffin to make it look like the baby had died after her fight with Hope, rather than before.

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The Dream Monster - S2-E14

Other mistake: When Don and Dr Smith are stealing Sesmar's control unit, look closely at the base of the electronic arch - Raddion is hidden from sight but the careful eye will see his golden feet.

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Other mistake: When the phone pole was installed with a "butt set" to talk with, they used it upside down for a long time. Someone must have brought it to the director, because they finally corrected the problem.

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The Mysterious Dr. T - S3-E13

Other mistake: At the end, when Siegfried is about to shoot Max, if you look in the chambers of his gun, there's no bullets in there. So Siegfried is going to kill Max with a puff of air.

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Bad Day in Berlin - S4-E11

Other mistake: As LeBeau is being interrogated, on the barometer behind Schultz you can make out the word "fair." What is a barometer labeled in English doing in a German counter-intelligence headquarters?

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Shinryakusha o ute - S1-E3

Other mistake: At the beginning of the episode it is said that the events take place 38 hours apart. It's 2:25 PM. We see then Arashi get up in the middle of the night, so it could easily be midnight...but then he reaches the station and it's daylight, and the kid is in his car, even. Moreover, when the troops enter, a clock inside the building points 2:10.

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