Best TV deliberate mistakes of 1965

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Hogan's Heroes picture

How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis - S3-E7

Deliberate mistake: Burkhalter pulls some papers out of his bags marked "Top Secret." Why would German papers be marked in English, so the prisoners know what not to look at?

Doc Premium member
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I Dream of Jeannie picture

Jeannie, the Hip Hippie - S3-E6

Deliberate mistake: Phil Spector is credited as having played "Steve Davis", but that name is never used in the episode; he is instead addressed by his real name.

Jeff Swanson
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The Wild Wild West picture

The Night of the Tottering Tontine - S2-E16

Deliberate mistake: The knife that has just killed one of the investors doesn't have a trace of blood on it. No one had time to clean it off. (00:20:00)

Jean G
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Get Smart picture

Do I Hear a Vaults? - S5-E25

Deliberate mistake: They show footage of Max and Larabee scouting out the entrance to a bank. This same footage was used in the earlier episode "The Treasure of C.Errol Madre".

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