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Character mistake: In several scenes all over the show (though not always!), characters use the command "Raus!" to send somebody away from somewhere. Raus, short for "heraus" literally means "out" in the sense of "out of a building", which would be "aus einem Gebäude heraus" in German. Used as a command, it always means "get out", never "get away from there" or "get lost", in other words, the addressee must be inside of somewhere to be ordered "Raus." One example would be Schultz sending the prisoners away from general Burkhalter's car in S05E13.

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The Mild Ones - S3-E11

Character mistake: The leader of the Purple Knights says that they would only be bike riders if they couldn't tell which gender someone was by their hair. This is a major mistake, because if you look at the hair of the Purple Knights, it's incredibly easy to tell which gender someone is.

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The Mechanical Men - S2-E28

Character mistake: Dr Smith who has some of The Robot (ie, bravery and courage) quotes The Fall of The Light Brigade but mistakenly says "into the valley death rode the five hundred" when it is actually 600. Both Dr Smith and the Robot would know this very famous poem's most well known line. (00:44:45)

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Suggested correction: There's nothing to suggest they would know the poem exactly, especially since you yourself don't even know the actual name of the poem. It's "The Charge of the Light Brigade."


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