Best movie plot holes of 1965

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Village of the Giants picture

Plot hole: The giant-sized teenagers show themselves at the garden party and start making threats about taking over the town. They then spend the night in the theatre, and the next day they decide to cut off all communications to and from the town. For some reason, not one of the party-goers, or the sheriff, decided to call someone during the night and tell the remarkable story about 30 feet tall teenagers seizing the power through force.


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Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines picture

Plot hole: Before the race starts, Sir Percy intends to sabotage some of the other fliers. He announces to Courtney that he had lured Dubois away by giving him the address of Courtney's daughter, but later, when the race starts, there is nothing wrong with Dubois' machine even though Sir Percy had the chance.

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In Harm's Way picture

Plot hole: The whole basis for replacing Admiral Broderick with John Wayne as operational commander of Sky Hook was that Admiral Broderick was deemed a failure. Wayne took over, planned for what looks like a week or so and launched an attack. First point - the Japanese had evacuated the island. It's pretty hard to miss the evacuation of 15 or 20 thousand soldiers by the IJN which would have made multiple large sorties over a period of several days. Also, there would have been massive explosions and fires as the Japanese destroyed facilities and supplies rather than leave them behind. (Check out the real evacuation of Guadalcanal during WWII - the IJN operation was so big we thought they were reinforcing the island) Second point - seems like Admiral Broderick's approach, no matter how incompetent it looked, must have worked. The Japanese gave up and left and it must have been as a result of Broderick's efforts. An evacuation like this takes time to plan and time to execute. The evacuation was decided upon prior to Wayne's arrival (Broderick had already won) and took place right under his nose (complete reconnaissance failure by Wayne).

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Thunderball picture

Plot hole: The Disco Volante puts to sea and Bond comes aboard disguised as one of the divers. Largo tells the captain to set course to Miami Beach. After being exposed and captured within the underwater cave, Bond is eventually rescued by Leiter in a helicopter. Bond tells him that the Volante's course is Miami Beach and that the bombs are transferred to a wreck on Fowley Point. There is no mention of Fowley Point before - the wreck just serves as a location for the final underwater fight. (01:53:00)

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Ten Little Indians picture

Plot hole: For the first death, the culprit is nowhere near the victim or his glass - since Raven takes also a gulp early in the scene, the poison must then be in the decanter, but nobody mentions the fact, and they solely focus on the glass. (00:18:50)

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The Heroes of Telemark picture

Plot hole: When Knut and Rolf are setting the bombs in the engine room of the Hydro ferry, they are interrupted by a German soldier who they quickly overpower and kill. Why don't the Germans then notice that this soldier is missing? The clocks attached to the bombs show the time around 01:35am when the soldier is killed yet the alarm still hasn't been raised when Rolf catches the ferry several hours later at 9am. This is far too long for any soldier to be on sentry duty without reporting in to the Guardroom. The Germans would have known that the soldier was on duty on the ferry and when he didn't report in then they would have searched the boat thoroughly and found the bombs. (01:51:30)

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Von Ryan's Express picture

Plot hole: At the end when the train is on the trestle while the men are repairing the rail, if they could have used the catwalk to go around the mountain, why didn't they just go straight through the tunnel to get into Switzerland. Seems like THAT would have been quicker.


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