Best movie deliberate mistakes of 1965

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For a Few Dollars More picture

Deliberate mistake: Near the beginning, Col. Mortimer takes down a wanted poster and goes after the man. The man he kills looks nothing like the man pictured on the poster.

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Help! picture

Deliberate mistake: When Ringo sprays his assassin with orange juice, it doesn't reach as far as the sofa. But it still splashes over the inch-high Paul. Even if it had flown that far, Paul is on the far side of the sofa and the angle is impossible.

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Battle of the Bulge picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene inside General Kohler's command center when Kohler is giving Colonel Hessler a tour of the war room he points out to Hessler a clock on the wall whose increments represent 1 hour and that the attack has to be over within so many hours. Later in the movie, just when the attack starts, this dormant clock's hand immediately springs forward and ticks through 2 increments, thus representing 2 hours passing in 2 seconds.

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Village of the Giants picture

Deliberate mistake: The theatre is said to have been closed down "years ago". But all the theater props are still there, and the place shows no sign of disuse, it is not even dusty anywhere. The electricity and water are also still hooked up and functioning.

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The Cincinnati Kid picture

Deliberate mistake: During the funeral march you can see that one of the buildings has a 1960s-style air conditioner on the side of the building.

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