Best action movie quotes of 1965

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Thunderball picture

James Bond: My dear, uncooperative Domino.
Domino: How do you know that? How do you know my friends call me Domino?
James Bond: It's on the bracelet on your ankle.
Domino: So... what sharp little eyes you've got.
James Bond: Wait 'til you get to my teeth.

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The Great Race picture

Professor Fate: Leslie escaped?
General: With a small friar.
Professor Fate: Leslie escaped with a chicken?

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Battle of the Bulge picture

Col. Martin Hessler: Release the boy... Shoot the father.

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For a Few Dollars More picture

El Indio: Adios amigo.

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The Tenth Victim picture

Narrator: Why control the births when we can increase the deaths?

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