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Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer picture

Other mistake: At the end of the show when the misfit toys are being delivered, the elf in Santa's sleigh gives an umbrella to each of the misfits so they can glide down with the exception of the bird, who jumps off, apparently forgetting that he is a misfit toy and can't fly; as he stated earlier in the show, he can only swim.


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633 Squadron picture

Other mistake: A lot of the aircrew are wearing a 1939-45 Star medal ribbon. This medal was obviously issued after the war's end.

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Goldfinger picture

Other mistake: In the plane when Bond fights Goldfinger, one of the henchmen is partially visible behind Goldfinger when he appears from behind the curtain. When the fight starts, the henchman's arm is also visible. When the fight is over and just before Bond moves to the cockpit, the henchman is lying on the floor with no explanation for why he was not sucked from the plane like Goldfinger.

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Hard Day's Night picture

Other mistake: When Ringo and the young boy with the tire walk along the path together and the boy asks Ringo, "Why aren't you at work?," you can see Ringo mouthing the line along with him.

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Mary Poppins picture

Other mistake: In the ceiling tea party, Mary Poppins offers Bert some sugar, and when he responds that he would not like any, his Cockney accent is gone.

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Zulu picture

Other mistake: In the scene when the Zulu warriors have broken through the roof in the hospital. The British make a hole and escape through it. You can clearly see the hole that they are going to cut open because it is a different color

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A Shot in the Dark picture

Other mistake: Subtitle (English) appears to be incorrect: "He is setting the scions of criminal investigations back 1000 years" should be "He is setting the science of criminal investigations back 1000 years." "Scions" is a description of the branches of a tree. (01:11:00)


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Dr. Strangelove picture

Other mistake: When Col. Bat Guano shoots the Coke machine and it squirts him in the face, he's holding his head too high. You can see that he first gets the spray on the chin and then he ducks down to take it full in the face. (01:09:50)

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First Men In The Moon picture

Other mistake: The sphere operates through the opening and closing of Cavorite blinds to negate the force of gravity. It has no engines at all. Why then, when it lifts off from the moon, do you see a blast of what appears to be rocket exhaust?

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The Unsinkable Molly Brown picture

Other mistake: Johnny Brown is serenading Molly in the meadow as she sits up on the branch of a tree. In shots where we are looking down on Johnny (from over Molly's shoulder), the shadow of the canopy that protects the actors from the sun can be seen as a perfectly straight line on the ground, behind Johnny. The shaded/unshaded areas move as the canopy shifts in the breeze.

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Carry on Spying picture Carry on Spying mistake picture

Other mistake: When our heroes are on the conveyor belt in the rock-processing plant, none of the rocks are larger than two feet in size - especially having gone past a set of spinning saw blades - and yet they get sprayed by two steam nozzles, the highest of which is about six feet in the air, and the lowest is about four feet in the air. Clearly neither of these nozzles would have any practical use. (01:21:10)


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The Gorgon picture

Other mistake: There were no gorgons named Megara. The three that existed were Medusa, Euryale, and Stheno.


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False Hare picture

Other mistake: When the Big Bad Wolf is demonstrating to Bugs how to ring the bell properly (so the trap works), his hand lands on the side of the bell instead of the top, yet the trap still works and the bell still dings.

Heather Benton Premium member

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My Fair Lady picture

Other mistake: When Eliza throws the slippers at Higgins, one bounces off him and falls in the area of the doorway and the other lands in the middle of the hall. One slipper is seen in the hall in two different scenes, then when Higgins goes to pick them up they are both together in the hall.

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The Yellow Rolls-Royce picture

Other mistake: When Charles is buying the car, he says to the dealer, who knows Charles very well, that the phone should be on the left, and the dealer, who knows what's coming, says of course, and agrees that it must be done before delivery tonight. When the car arrives, the phone is still on the right.


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A Fistful of Dollars picture

Other mistake: In the final gunfight when Joe shoots the gun from Ramon's hands and kills the rest of his gang, he fires six shots. He then shoots the rope that Silvanito has been tied up to without reloading. His gun is a revolver, which only holds six bullets, yet Joe fires seven times.

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Robinson Crusoe On Mars picture

Other mistake: The abandoned orbiter requires fuel to decelerate and drop out of its stable orbit. Mantee knew the orbiting spacecraft was out of fuel before leaving it, but he was still trying to give the craft voice commands to land some forty minutes into the film.

Larry Koehn

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The Train picture

Other mistake: When Papa Boule kicks Labiche off his train and tells him to throw the switch (turnout) Labiche actually operates one behind the train, not in front of it.

Larry Redfield

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The Brass Bottle picture

Other mistake: Mrs Kenton and Sylvia can't get into the study where Mr. Kenton is; there is no reason why the door would be locked. A mule can't lock it with a key and there is no debris or furniture to block the door. Harold opens it just fine from the inside without operating any particular kind of lock.

Sammo Premium member

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