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McLintock! picture

Running Buffalo: Swell party, where's the whisky?

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Jason and the Argonauts picture

Argos: Pray to the gods, Jason.
Jason: The gods of Greece are cruel! In time, all men shall learn to live without them.

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Charade picture

Sylvie: It is infuriating that your unhappiness does not turn to fat!

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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World picture

J. Algernon Hawthorne: Jolly nasty accident there. Jolly lucky nobody was hurt.
Mrs. Marcus: Where did you get that funny accent? Are you from Harvard or something?
J. Algernon Hawthorne: Harvard? Rather not. I'm English.
Mrs. Marcus: Sounds so foreign.
J. Algernon Hawthorne: Really?

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The Great Escape picture

Colonel Von Luger: Are all American officers so ill-mannered?
Hilts: Yeah, about ninety-nine percent.

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Hud (1963)

Hud picture

Homer Bannon: You don't care about people Hud. You don't give a damn about 'em. Oh, you got all that charm goin' for ya. And it makes the youngsters want to be like ya. That's the shame of it because you don't value anything. You don't respect nothing. You keep no check on your appetites at all. You live just for yourself. And that makes you not fit to live with.

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Cleopatra picture

Agrippa: Well versed in the natural sciences and mathematics. She speaks seven languages proficiently. Were she not a woman one would consider her to be an intellectual.

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The Birds picture

Mother in Diner: Why are they doing this? Why are they doing this? They said when you got here, the whole thing started. Who are you? What are you? Where did you come from? I think you're the cause of all this. I think you're evil. Evil!

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The Pink Panther picture

[Sir Charles Lytton kisses Princess Dala.]
Princess Dala: If I were my father, I'd have you tortured.
Sir Charles Lytton: No. If you were your father, I doubt very much if I would have kissed you.

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From Russia With Love picture

James Bond: Red wine with fish. Well, that should have told me something.
Donald "Red" Grant: You may know the right wines, but you're the one on your knees. How does it feel old man?

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Lord of the Flies picture

Jack: We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English! And the English are best at everything.

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The List of Adrian Messenger picture

Marquis of Gleneyre: Had a brother who went to America once. Canada, actually. Before the first German war. Suppose he's dead by now. Almost everyone is.

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The Thrill of It All picture

Mrs. Fraleigh: There's nothing more fulfilling in life than having a baby.

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Bye Bye Birdie picture

Harry McAfee: The next time I have a daughter, I hope it's a boy.

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Carry On Jack picture

Albert Poop-Decker: If you've got a heart of oak, it's got a worm in it.

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Lilies Of The Field picture

Juan: I cannot see further and I cannot believe further.

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8½ picture

Guido: The truth is: I do not know... I seek... I have not yet found. Only with this in mind can I feel alive and look at you without shame.

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The Sword in the Stone picture

Arthur: I can't be a king, Archimedes. I don't know anything about ruling a country.
Archimedes the Owl: I told you to leave the thing in the stone, boy.
Arthur: I'll run away. That's what I'll do. They'll just have to find somebody else.

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