Best comedy movie trivia of 1963

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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World picture

Trivia: Phil Silvers almost drowned whilst filming the scene when he drives his car into the river because he couldn't swim.

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Lilies Of The Field picture

Trivia: The chapel that was built for the movie had to be torn down immediately after filming, as it was on rented property.

Matty Blast
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The Nutty Professor picture

Trivia: While the principal of the school is going through the list of everyone performing at the prom, he mentions a comedy duo, and says "Oh, I thought they split up." A wry reference to the earlier break up of Martin & Lewis.

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Carry On Cabby picture

Trivia: This Carry on film (carry on cabby) was firstly called Call me a cab.

James Warrender
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The Pink Panther picture

Trivia: Inspector Clouseau was originally written as a supporting character to Sir Charles Lytton. However, Clouseau became so popular, he became the focal point for all of the subsequent "Panther" films.

Cubs Fan
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Carry On Jack picture

Trivia: The original title of this movie was going to be "Carry On Up The Armada", but unfortunately it didn't find favour with the British Board of Film Censors.

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Bye Bye Birdie picture

Trivia: This was 20 year old singer Bobby Rydell's movie debut. He admitted later that the film turned him off from working in films, and he did not like working with Ann-Margret at all. He would not do another film until 1975.

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Come Blow Your Horn picture

Trivia: Although Lee J. Cobb plays Frank Sinatra's father, he was only four years older than Sinatra.

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Charade picture

Trivia: Peter Joshua was named after Director Stanley Donen's two sons, Peter and Joshua.

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Donovan's Reef picture

Trivia: The Australian Shore Patrol Officer who breaks up the final fight is John Wayne's real-life son, Patrick.

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The Mouse on the Moon picture

Trivia: Ron Moody was only 4 years older than Bernard Cribbins, who plays his son.

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Devil's Feud Cake picture

Trivia: In the original release, the Devil first asks Sam when he arrives in hell, "Who the hell are you?" For television airings, the line is changed to "What the Devil is your name?"

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Gone Are the Days! picture

Trivia: Sorrell Booke plays Alan Alda's father in the movie, even though in real life he's only six years older than Alda.

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Beach Party picture

Trivia: Anthropology Professor Robert Orwell Sutwell is writing a book about the sex habits of teenagers. His secretary tells him, "Hang on to the movie rights. American-International will snap it up in a minute." American-International is the real-life Los Angeles studio which produced several teen-oriented films, including "Reform School Girl," "Hot Rod gang," "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" - and "Beach Party."

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