Best comedy movie quotes of 1962

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The Music Man picture

Harold Hill: I always think there's a band, kid.

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Gypsy picture

Rose Hovick: Remember - you're a lady. You make them beg for more... and then don't give it to them.

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Girls! Girls! Girls! picture

Papa Stavros: Hey, Ross, what do I get?
Ross Carpenter: You've got Mama.

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King Kong vs Godzilla picture

Furue: What's happening?
Osamu Sakurai: Giant octopus. Hurry.

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Carry on Cruising picture

Drunk Passenger: Love, hey?
Doctor: How did you know?
Drunk Passenger: That's why I drink. To forget her.
Doctor: Forget who?
Drunk Passenger: Blessed if I can remember.

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The Three Stooges Meet Hercules picture

Curly Joe: But we're outnumbered.
Moe: You're outbrained too, but we have to try anyhow.

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