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The Explosive Generation picture

Revealing mistake: During several of the driving sequences, the teenager in the driver's seat turns the steering wheel - but the rear screen projection keeps the car "moving" in a straight line. And it's particularly ironic in light of the movie's "big message" that the students here bear no resemblance to real-life teenagers in any real school. They're all slim, trim, athletic and model-gorgeous, as well as all-too-obviously not teenagers at all. (Because US child labor laws severely restrict the hours that underage actors can work, many films "cheat" by having youthful 20-somethings play the teens.)

Jean G

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Atlantis, the Lost Continent picture

Revealing mistake: When he's speaking to Demetrius, Azor turns his back to the camera, and the zipper in his costume is visible.

Jean G

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El Cid picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene were Charlton Heston has just said goodbye to Sophia Loren and is about to ride off with his followers (last scene just before the set intermission in the film), you can just make out a tiny little red automobile riding through the landscape in the background.

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The Parent Trap picture

Revealing mistake: When in Boston, while walking through the park, Susan and her mother are obviously walking on a treadmill because the park background is moving way too fast for their walking speed.

William Bergquist

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Breakfast at Tiffany's picture

Revealing mistake: In the taxi scene at the end of the movie, the steering wheel turns back and forth but the driver's hands are not moving.

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King of Kings picture

Revealing mistake: Have a look at some of the beards (and wigs) in this movie, the facial hair is coming loose on several of the disciples' beards.

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea picture

Revealing mistake: During the initial dive the hydroplane on the sail (conning tower) is pointing upwards. During a later dive the hydroplane is pointing downwards. Wouldn't one position cause the submarine to surface?

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Guns of Navarone picture

Revealing mistake: In the shots taken from above, on the scene where Mallory and Stavros are climbing the cliff under hard rain, the rain falls over the back of them, not over his head. Reveals that this scene was taken in horizontal position over the floor. Not taken in vertical position.

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West Side Story picture

Revealing mistake: In the final scene, if you look in the background that is completely opposite of the gate where the characters exit, there are two cars obviously made of cardboard. Many times they can be seen by looking over Maria's shoulder. (02:22:05 - 02:25:35)

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Pirates of Tortuga picture

Revealing mistake: At the opening of the film as the pirate ship passes left to right the flags are blowing in the opposite direction of the ship's movement and the sails keep blowing back although the ship keeps moving forward. Notice the large amount of churning water at the ship's rudder indicating that the boat is powered by a motor.

Kenneth Cote

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The Comancheros picture

Revealing mistake: If you watch closely when the prisoner hits Jake with the shovel you can see the shovel bend as if it was rubber.

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Mysterious Island picture

Revealing mistake: When the prisoners commandeer the balloon and proceed to take flight, you can see a television antenna on one of the buildings in the background. (00:07:20 - 00:08:00)


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X-15 picture

Revealing mistake: On the maiden flight of the X-15, the B-52 that carries it to launch position has several silhouettes of the X-15 painted on it, obviously one for every time it carried the X-15 for a mission. Clearly the real B-52 they used for X-15 launches and they didn't account for the fact that this was meant to be the first. (00:48:50 - 00:50:05)


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The Devil at 4 O'Clock picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Talua is depicted as an isolated island in the South Pacific. Several shots show other islands in the movie. Many segments were shot in Hawaii (Maui) and you could see the Island of Hawaii in the distance.


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Gorgo picture

Revealing mistake: The sea creature Gorgo is paraded through the streets of London on a flatbed tractor trailer, and an off-screen American newsman announces the monster's arrival at Battersea Park, where it will be exhibited at Dorkin's Circus. The announcer introduces the creature's owners as they step from their motorcade, saying, "And our own Mr. Dorkin, of Dorkin's Circus, in the checkered suit." Problem is, Mr. Dorkin is wearing a plain gray flannel suit. Closeup shots of Mr. Dorkin over the next 40 seconds reveal that the suit is not checkered, not plaid, not striped, not patterned in any way at all. It's simply a plain gray suit. Apparently, the announcer's pre-recorded lines were never modified after changes were made in costuming. (00:34:05 - 00:35:00)

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: You must have been watching a poor-quality copy of the movie. In the HD version available on Amazon, the checkered pattern is visible, although it is subtle. Frankly, it probably would not be visible on a television broadcast of the time.

I watched it in HD purchased from Amazon Prime on a large high-definition screen. No checkered suit.

Charles Austin Miller

You may need to adjust your settings. It is especially visible in the interview scene. The suit definitely has a checkered pattern of various shades of gray. Again, it is subtle, but definitely visible.

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Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules picture

Revealing mistake: The Son of Hercules brings to the nearby village the old man that died on the beach. You can see the 'corpse' move his arm to assist Mark Forest as he dismounts him from the horse.

Sammo Premium member

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Carry on Regardless picture

Revealing mistake: At the wine tasting, Lily pushes the waiter. It is obvious that the glasses on his tray are stuck to it, as they don't move even when he turns the tray on it's side.

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