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Plot hole: Live 50th anniversary episode, aired December 9th 2010 - When Sally is allowed into the rubble to comfort Molly as the firemen attempt to free her, one of them says they'll get Sally a hard hat. When we see her talking to Molly in the rubble, she has no hard hat on and instead one of the firemen is hilariously holding his hand above her head.


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The Sanctuary - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: The packages Drake and Kathy place on the table beside their coats have disappeared when they return for the coats a few shots later. (00:19:00 - 00:21:20)

Jean G

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Factual error: In "The State Vs. Chip Douglas", Ernie finds his missing 1914-D penny when it falls out of his pocket. A close-up shows an Indian head penny lying on the floor. The problem is that Indian head pennies were not minted after 1909.

Jeff Swanson

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Continuity mistake: In fake Shemp episode "Commotion on the Ocean" (1956), when the Stooges first greet the large villain on the ship, Moe's hat is flat and he wears an ascot. Instantly the shot changes up close and Moe's hat is poofed up and he's now wearing a necktie instead of the ascot. This was a combination of old footage with Shemp, and a new scene filmed with just Moe and Larry (after Shemp's death). (00:03:00)

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