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The Big Country picture

Patricia Terrill: But if he loved me, why would he let me think he was a coward?
Julie Maragon: If you love him, why would you think it? How many times does a man have to win you?

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Dracula picture

Count Dracula: Sleep well, Mr. Harker.

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The Vikings picture

Ragnar: Look how he glares at me... If he wasn't fathered by the black ram in the full of the moon my name is not Ragnar.

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Vertigo picture

Madeleine: Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere.

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Horror of Dracula picture

Jonathan Harker: You make it very difficult for me. After all, I'm a guest here. If I'm to help you, I must have a reason.
Vampire Woman: A reason! You ask for a reason? Is it not reason enough that he locks me up in this house, holds me against my will? You can have no idea what an evil man he is... or of the terrible things he does.

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The Bravados picture

Sheriff Sanchez: Ladies and gentlemen, there's no need for me to tell you - the emergency arose and the man appeared. Mr Douglass, it's not often a man gets to do so much for his neighbors and do it like you did. We want you to know we'll always be grateful... and in our hearts always.
Jim Douglass: Thank you... and in your prayers, please.

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The Blob picture

Steve Andrews: You sure you want to go with me?
Jane Martin: Yes.
Steve Andrews: I wouldn't give much for our chances, us running around in the middle of the night, looking for something that if we found it, it might kill us.

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof picture

Ida 'Big Momma' Pollitt: I don't like locked doors in my house.

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Robin Hood Daffy picture

Daffy Duck: Ho ho. Very funny. Ha ha. It is to laugh.

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The Hidden Fortress picture

General Rokurota Makabe: Hide a stone among stones and a man among men.

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The Lovers picture

Jeanne Tournier: Are Russians really foreign?
Raoul Flor├Ęs: For a Spaniard like me, no more than Germans or French.
Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy: Germans. That's a bit much.

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Hare-Way to the Stars picture

Marvin the Martian: Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

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Touch of Evil picture

Ramon Miguel 'Mike' Vargas: Susie, one of the longest borders on earth is right here between your country and mine. An open border. Fourteen hundred miles without a single machine gun in place. Yeah, I suppose that all sounds very corny to you.
Susan: I could love being corny, if my husband would only cooperate.

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Carry on Sergeant picture

Captain Potts: Carry on Sergeant.

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Attack of the 50 Foot Woman picture

Harry Archer: You know everyone's seeing satellites these days.

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The Tunnel of Love picture

August 'Augie' Poole: But dear, we can't keep living on your grandmother's money... it's not that I'm too honorable, but it's running out.

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The Defiant Ones picture

Noah Cullen: Ni**er! You call me that again, and I'll kill you.

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Ice Cold In Alex picture

Capt. Anson: I'll tell you this, the next drink I have's gonna be a lager. Ice cold. There's a little bar in Alex with a marble top counter and high stools. They serve the best beer in all the middle east. When we get through with this lot I'm gonna buy you one. I'll buy you all one.

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The Quiet American picture

Inspector Vigot: You know that it is a mistake to say that communism is appealing to the mentally advanced. I think it is only true when the mentally advanced are also emotionally retarded.

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It! The Terror from Beyond Space picture

Mary Royce: Every bone in his body must be broken. But I'm not sure that's what killed him.

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